Weekly recap, catch up!

Hello everyone! I’m excited to be back to blog land. I broke my lovely computer by dropping it, I have an all-in-one computer where everything is in the back of the monitor. The screen cracked, and you could barely navigate the screen with the mouse. It was toast! I’m recapping the last two weeks on the blog! Get your reading glasses on to catch up!

Monday November 6
Our neighbor gave us some of his extra dirt from his yard, and we covered some spots in our yard. Huxley was in heaven; we gave him the mini shovel and he helped for a few minutes before he started eating the dirt! Kevin picked up Hadley from school, he brought home a surprise treat from Starbucks. My favorite is the iced chai tea latte! I made dinner, and it wasn’t that great.

Tuesday November 7
After we dropped Hadley off at school, I went to vote for a local election, and then went through the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts and got Huxley some donut holes. I tried their chai tea with pumpkin, and it wasn’t that great. Getting ready with Huxley is a chore, he gets into everything but some days that is the only time I have to do it. After the kids went to bed, I went to Hadleys school PTO meeting while Kevin was off!

Wednesday November 8
Started out the morning with a workout. And then went to take a shower. After I picked up Hadley at school, we had a little fender bender with someone who decided to put his truck in reverse at a stop sign and didn’t see me behind him. Not much damage, but still made a little dent. In between Hadleys volleyball practice, Huxley and I ate dinner in the garage.

Thursday November 9
Started out the week working out around the house. Later that night, my mom and I went to a local holiday market. It was the first night of the event, so it wasn’t super crowded at all!

Friday November 10
Huxley being dramatic on the stairs, he’s been showing some funny sides to him lately. We’ve been hanging out in the garage a lot, it’s a way to be outside without really being outside. Huxley is a terror outside and runs by the street and eats dirt and mulch. After dinner, Hadley plays with Huxley like all the time. Before Huxley goes to bed, he loves to call Kevin while we put jammies on. After Huxley went to bed, Hadley and I had a movie night. After all the prep, I couldn’t find the movie Polar Express! We watched a different movie. Hadley tried a new drink, a frozen hot chocolate and I added some bourbon cream in my hot chocolate. It was so good!

Saturday November 11
Hadley had her first volleyball game! She was so excited. Later in the day, we walked down to the new neighbors and played a little bit. Huxley started doing peek a boo on his own, I don’t know where he learned it from, but he’ll randomly do it and it’s so cute!

Sunday November 12
Hadley had another volleyball game the next day, and Brady and Natalie came to watch her play. And then later in the afternoon, Hadley had a few friends get together at the bowling alley to celebrate her birthday a little early.

Monday November 13
Started out the morning by working out. When the holidays start getting closer, I always try to purge old toys we don’t use or play with anymore, to make room for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts! When Hadley got home from school, she changed into her new softball shirt one of her friends got her. The neighbor kids asked Hadley to come over and play, so Huxley and I started dinner while she played outside.

Tuesday November 14
We found this new kid’s podcast called “Tis the Grinch Holiday Talk Show”, we’ll listen on the way to school. Hadley loves it so far. Came home and worked out. Did some work stuff while Huxley napped. And then I had to wake him up to go pick up Hadley at school. Returned the two library books I had checked out, and then came home and hung out in the garage. Sometimes Hadley will go to sleep with a stuffed animal, it’s so cute.

Wednesday November 15
Started out the morning with a short workout. And then volunteered at Hadley’s school for lunch. Huxley loves it! He runs around, sits with Hadley and her friends, and then runs around some more. Later that night, I had dinner with some friends from high school. It was at a new restaurant I’ve not been to before, but it was good!

Thursday November 16
We have a septic system at our house, and each year or two I think the county comes out and inspects it. We had a few things needing checked out, so we called the company we’ve used before to come check it out. Turns out we needed a new motor, a new lid for one of the tanks, and it needs pumped out. Talk about a big expense we weren’t anticipating right before the holidays. For dinner, Kevin smoked a pork loin, and it was pretty good! While we were outside, Huxley was getting a little too into the dirt, so it was time to go inside. Kevin put up the Christmas lights! We try to put them up around Thanksgiving time when the weather is semi warm. It’s not fun putting lights up when it’s freezing out. So, the lights are up, and waiting to be turned on after Thanksgiving! After the kids went to bed, I got the new computer all setup. Nowadays, computers are super-fast and all my files from the previous computer transferred over like magic.

Friday November 17
Excited to try a new fall margarita recipe for Thanksgiving and getting all the things ready to go!

Saturday November 18
Kevin and I went to a wedding of one of his fire friends. It was fun seeing everyone from his firehouse. The wedding was outside, and then the reception was inside at the same place. It’s fun to get all dressed up every once in a while.

Sunday November 19
Hadley opening up a birthday gift from my friend Kristin, she has given her a gift every year since she was born. Hadley loves the things she thinks of every year, she’s the best! Hadley had a volleyball game; I love watching her play! Finding selfies on my phone of the kids cracks me up, Huxley is probably crying because he wanted the phone.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Glad you’re back! Sorry to hear about your computer and your car though. I remember those days of boys eating sand and dirt… I don’t understand them but I definitely remember them. You both look so nice all dressed up for the wedding!

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