From the weekend.

around here Kevin started working out with me and it’s been awesome! I’ve been begging him to join me for months!

around here picking up the babe after school, she’s always so happy! With her little red ICEE mouth.

around here hung around outside on my birthday, the weather was beautiful!

around here had a great birthday at home with my little family!

around here we made a recipe binder! If you watched my stories on Instagram this week, you’ll know how it all came together. The recipe box wasn’t working for me anymore so I went the binder route with tabs!

around here slowly started back to running. One morning was super cold, and even though my legs felt frozen it still felt so good. Even Kevin joined me on some runs this week!

around here did the weekly car wash! Nothing but sunny skies in the forecast for awhile.

around here put up a new saying on the letter board for St. Patrick’s Day coming up!

Happy Friday and bring on the weekend! It’s been A week work wise, very very glad it’s over. Lots of workouts, and with my husband joining me on occasion, good food, made a recipe binder, celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday sort of, celebrated my birthday, finished Bloodline on Netflix, started and finished Ginny & Georgia on Netflix, and went to Target with my kiddo.

The highlight though was the food. This past week I’ve been so lucky to have Kevin home most days and he’s been cooking like Betty Crocker around here. We made a meal plan for the week, and for the most part stuck to it. We ate so good, and it was all pretty much healthy. It helps so much when your partner eats better and works out with you! I’m loving it!

I’m so glad the next few days are nothing but sunshine in the forecast! It still might be a little bit cold out, but the sun shining makes it so much better! March has only just begun, and it’s been jam packed so far!

Have a wonderful weekend folks!

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