Women’s Day 2021.

Happy Women’s Day! I’m not really a big fan of these type of days, like national whatever days, but I’ve seen so many inspiring posts today, I’ve been thinking of my own words to say for such an occasion. This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt resonates with me perfectly in this time of my life. The past year has been such an experience living through a pandemic, and has taught me so much about myself and the people in my life whether it be personally, professionally, acquaintances, or anyone really!

I hope these two beautiful young daughters of mine always know their worth and how amazing they can truly be. I will always love and support them in anything they do in life. I also hope I am strong, capable, smart, confident, loving, happy, and wonderful to these two young ladies, I hope I inspire and uplift them every single day. As a parent, we are here for our children and to make their life better as best we can! One day, maybe these two young ladies will read this and think wow that is my Mom / Step Mom! I can only hope. And if they don’t, that is okay too!

Here are the womanly things I’ve been pondering over for this national women’s day. Forgive even if you don’t get an apology (this one I still struggle with). You can’t begin to rebuild while you’re still holding on. Forgive, and let it go. I have a book in my Amazon cart that relates to this, I just need to hit the purchase button and read it! No matter how nice your pictures are, or how important the things you post are, some people just won’t hit the like button. And guess what? That’s okay! Keep on posting because you want to. Post anyway. Share your pictures. And, your stories. They put a smile on someone’s face.

People come and go, whether it be family, friends, co-workers, whoever, unfortunately it’s life. Sometimes these relationships you thought would last forever, end suddenly and you’re thinking what the hell? Well stop thinking. You’re never going to feel content. So own your part in it, learn from it, and then close the damn door. Allowing a new phase to start is the best way to go.

Not everyone has the same heart as you, which is hard for me to still understand but I’m getting better. You will be ignored or left out. And it won’t feel good. You’ll never know why. But, you will remember the pain of being left out, and you will make sure to include everyone so no one has to feel the way you did. Your kids will be left out. And I’m sure that will hurt even more, but it’s another opportunity to teach these young ladies a lesson in life.

This is my favorite part of this entire post….You are going to be too much for some people. Too loud. Too opinionated. Too talkative. Some people will never understand this and it’s okay. Keep being yourself. Find the ones who do understand, and love them so hard.

Life is hard. It’s messy, and ugly some days. But it’s also beautiful and fun and exciting. We only get one life to live, so make it an adventure and chase it! Life is not always easy, but soo worth it! Cheers to all the amazing women out there. Keep doing what you’re doing, keep taking care of you, and never forget to put yourself first!

I didn’t know a site existed until today, but here is more information on International Women’s Day!

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