From the weekend.

Happy New Year! Here is a recap from our week!

Monday, December 27

Hadley lost her second tooth of her little seven year old life! When she lost her first tooth, she was a little scared of the thought of a tooth fairy coming into her room to get her tooth so I made this little sign to hang on the wall outside her room. When I was growing up, I remember the tooth fairy leaving a quarter, now a days it’s up to a dollar!

When my husband is working at the firehouse, I just love it when he sends me selfies at random times. This particular photo, he had to help someone into the ambulance, while he was on the engine. Isn’t he just so cute? ♥

The weather was unseasonably warm for this time of year, so Hadley had this great idea to do water balloons on the driveway while I worked inside. This girl should’ve been born in the summer, she could be outside all day and all night.

We had movie night practically every night during Christmas break. I don’t mind movie nights ever because I’m the type that can watch movies over and over again. Yes, even kid movies!

Tuesday, December 28

Keeping up with a workout routine for this entire pregnancy just has my mind blown. When I was pregnant with Hadley I never worked out, maybe went on a walk or two, but nothing of this caliber. I’ve worked out almost everyday for the entire pregnancy!

Posted my 32 weeks update on Instagram! Click on the link to read more about the update.

My love for planners continues, and for this year I went with the Happy Planner again! Four years and counting. I wrote an in-depth post here if you’re interested in my 2022 planner.

Thursday, December 30th

With Hadley being on Christmas break, she was able to go to one of my doctor appointments, she got to see her baby brother on the ultrasound! She still doesn’t really understand how there is a baby in my belly, but it was fun for her to go and see everything with me.

Started the whole “nesting” mode around the house, and cleaned out an entire cabinet to make room for baby stuff in the kitchen. Three years we’ve been in our house, and I still have room in cabinets which I just love! I don’t want a crammed kitchen!

For our little Keurig corner, I bought two mugs with the initials “K” and “M” for Kevin and Mandy for us to use for coffee and tea latte’s. I put a little Happy New Year sign in this corner for the new year.

Friday, December 31st

We did not have anything big planned or New Year’s Eve this year, being pregnant and Kevin getting over a sickness we just chilled for the most part. We went over to my parents to watch the Bearcats play in the Cotton Bowl! Too bad it was a loss, but still an exciting time for our Bearcats.

After the football game, we headed home for our own little New Year’s Eve celebration. We had sparkling grape juice, and added some gummy bears to it, and toasted to a new year! Hadley wasn’t a fan of the juice, but I sure was!

Was surprised to see the top nine Instagram posts for 2021 were majority baby related!

Saturday, January 1st

Christmas decor started to come down! Being pregnant, it takes me a lot longer to do things now so it was a slow process and lots of sitting down, but I managed to get all the decorations down, and Hadley helped taking the ornaments off the tree.

After Kevin was feeling poopy for a few days, he finally felt good enough to put together the baby dresser. It took him all day with lots of breaks, but it’s done!

Sunday, January 2nd

33 weeks in, and still on the workout routine. Some days like any days are a struggle, but once it’s over I feel so good! I’ve been sticking with the same YouTube video prenatal workouts. Nancy Taylor is my favorite, they are easy and get my heart rate up.

Grandma and Grandad sent Hadley a cute little stuffed animal in the mail for Happy New Year! She loves getting things in the mail with her name on it.

We made it to church for the first time since Covid has been around. I’m so glad we went, it was packed! They recently re-did part of the church, so it was nice to see the updates after two years.

Last workout of the year! Another YouTube video. I have this idea for 2022 to try and keep track of how many workouts I do for the year, so at the end of the year I can look back and say I did 300 workouts out of 365 days or something like that. It would be neat to do!

Well, there you have it! Our recap from last week of Christmas festivities, and the end of Christmas break. The kids are back in school, and it’s been an adjustment sleep wise, plus a late soccer game the first day back, but after a few early bedtime nights we’ll be back to normal.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you have a great week!

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