Weekly recap.

Second full week of no work, and I’m here to say it’s still glorious! Super busy, but still loving it!

Monday June 6

Morning swim team practice, Hadley used her swim cap for the first time. I was so surprised she liked wearing it! After practice, we headed to summer camp for her first day. She was beyond excited to start going there again. We love this place, it’s more like a daycare but we call it summer camp since we only use it during the summer. The kids go on field trips throughout the summer. Some days they stay at the center and do fun things there, and a few times each week they’ll go out to places fun. Hadley just loves it! After all the drop offs, managed to get a workout in while Huxley slept for a while.

Tuesday June 7

Worked out bright and early this morning before the kids woke up. I need to try and do this more often, no matter how tired I am. There is something about starting off the morning by myself, it gets me to focus and ready for the day! After my workout, I strip off most of my clothes to feed Huxley because I’m always so sweaty after workouts. Plus, it’s a little hot upstairs in his room. Off to swim team practice, and then summer camp. When I picked her up for the day, we decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant Cancun for an early dinner! Huxley was so good; towards the end of our early dinner, I took him out of the car seat, and he was sitting on my lap like a big boy. He loved it.

Wednesday June 8

Huxley is such a happy boy, just love him so much! He smiles like this the majority of the time. After the usual daily things, Kevin came home after umpiring some games and he was so exhausted. He crashed on the couch, with his hand on my leg. So cute!

Thursday June 9

Folded laundry on the floor in Huxley’s room, sometimes you have to do things in different places for a chance of pace! Cut the grass by myself, brought out Huxleys swing and after I was just about done with the entire lawn, he fell asleep! So, while he slept, I picked some weeds that I’ve been putting off. Hadley had her very first swim meet! I was a little nervous going by myself with Huxley, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to watch Hadley or be there for her when she needed it. But like always, it worked out fine. Huxley was an angel, and it all worked out! She placed third in both of her individual events, and I think third or fourth for her relay event. It brought back so many memories of swimming in grade school / high school for me.

Friday June 10

Walked at my favorite trail for the first time since Huxleys been born, like really walked fast for exercise. It felt so good! Once this weather cools off and isn’t so humid, I’d love to go more and more like I used to. Huxley is starting to like baths more and more, he hasn’t really hated them just isn’t so sure about them some days. Hadley loves to lay in bed and watch her iPad before bed, we need to get back to reading before bed though! After both kids go to bed, I go downstairs to pump one more time. It’s very time consuming, but worth it.

Saturday June 11

Kevin umpired a softball tournament, and we came to watch! He loves to umpire, and it’s so cool to watch him do it. Baseball / softball is his favorite sport, so he’s in heaven doing this for a short time. I fed Huxley in the car in between games. It wasn’t to too hot, there was a nice breeze. Hadley saw some of her friends from school, who had older siblings playing in the tournament, so she was having a blast.

Sunday June 12

The tournament was delayed a little bit due to the rain the night before, the guys had to tend to the fields for a while to make them playable. Once we got to the fields, it was a lot warmer this day. The last team that played plays music in between innings and announces each girl as they go up to bat. Love that idea!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

From the weekend.

Happy Monday folks! Here is a recap of the weekend.

Friday, February 4th

Started off the weekend with a snow day for both Hadley and myself. We got lots of snow and ice! After two days of slumming it around the house, I took a nice long hot shower and got all dolled up for nothing. Hadley loves to be outside, no matter the temperatures. She practically shoveled the entire driveway all on her own! At night, when Kevin and I take turns laying with Hadley for bed she’ll fall asleep in the cutest ways. This night she had her hand on my arm, snoring away.

Saturday, February 5th

Worked out both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, for a total of 7 days in a row this week! Super proud of myself to continue exercising at nine months pregnant! Hadley had indoor soccer, and Kevin finally got to go to one, and, she scored a goal! It never fails, she always seems to score when he’s working. So she was super excited he got to see her get a goal.

Sunday, February 6th

After church on Sunday, we headed to Home Depot to buy fun house things. Fun as in a toilet! Haha Hadley was thrilled to be in the backseat with the large box. While Kevin installed the toilet, I worked on finishing up the babys room. It’s all finished, and I can’t wait to share the details soon. Hadley was outside a lot on Sunday, just playing in the snow. She would take breaks and chill in her room, sitting on her reading nook bench. We have been having lots of fires lately, and we love it. After dinner, Hadley went back outside to play. We went out with her for a little bit, it’s just too cold! She just loves the outdoors. And last but not least, happy Super Bowl week! Just look at that stadium field!

Happy Monday, have a great week!

From the weekend.

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!

Worked out both Saturday and Sunday this week. Still feeling pretty darn good for being in my ninth month of pregnancy. It feels like it’s right around the corner!

Had our first big snow fall of the year! Not enough snow for a snow day off school, but enough to shovel the driveway a few times. It snowed and snowed and snowed all day!

The weekly checkup went well, always get my chai tea latte afterwards, and the little man moved around like he’s supposed to. Right now he’s head down which is good, but he’s faced up. He still has time to turn!

Two peas in a pod these two right here. Hadley and her Daddy.

More snow on the same day, it just kept falling and falling. So glad we didn’t have to drive in it much, until all the streets were cleared up.

Saturday we played kitchen for awhile, one of her favorite things to do. I had to go to the store earlier to get a bunch of birthday cards, and she picked out a play set of food. The littlest things make her so happy, like a pack of play food for a dollar.

Back to indoor soccer! Her team has had two weeks off, in between sessions and then a bye. This game she scored THREE goals! And of course for this game, Dad was at the firehouse so he missed her goals.

Every time we get bananas at the store now, I chop them up and put them in ziploc baggies and toss them in the freezer. No more bananas will ever go rotten in our house haha

WHO DEY! Our local football team is going to the Super Bowl and we couldn’t be more excited for our city! We beat Kansas City Chiefs! So now we get to play the LA Rams. Go Bengals!

It was a good weekend, spent with family and just chilling around the house. Hope you had a good one, and your week is off to a great start!

From the weekend.

Here is our recap from the weekend.

Friday, January 21

In the mail we got a sweet little onesie from a family member for the little man on the way. Go Bengals!

Had my brother/sister in-law come over for dinner. Hadley’s Christmas gift was on a delayed shipment, so it finally came in and they were sweet enough to bring it over to her! American Girl Doll! The doll looks just like her, soo cute!

Saturday, January 22

We went to the boat show with the whole crew! MasterCraft is still our favorite, and then Malibu. Hadley played on the trampoline and the playground sets for a little bit. We were hoping to see Twiggy the Squirrel, but I guess he wasn’t ready for his show yet. They have this squirrel that skis!

Came home and watched the Bengals game! And they won!!! WHO DEY!

Sunday, January 23

Hadley and I went to church, and then came home and chilled. I feel like an old lady, but I just love to relax and get things ready for the week on Sundays. Being ready for the week ahead just helps me so much in feeling ready to go. Laundry done, uniforms ironed, food prepped, smoothies pre-made, etc.

Hadley and I went to Kroger after church, and on our way out we tried to catch some snowflakes on our tongue. It didn’t snow enough to stick, but it’s still pretty!

After Hadley went to bed, I watched the rest of the Bills / Chiefs game and oh my goodness these games are nail biters! The Chiefs won, so that means the Benglas play them next weekend. Cannot wait!

Our weekend was good, lots of hanging out and chilling together. Fun times.

Have a great week folks!

From the weekend.

Here is our recap from the weekend.

Friday, January 7

With my due date approaching, we ordered lots of baby things that we still need. I was starting to get a little nervous thinking we don’t have all that we need, I think I over ordered but better to be safe than sorry. I keep thinking if I don’t have it all now, I won’t ever get it. I know that’s not true, probably just a hormonal feeling I have.

The bathtub has this hook on the end to hang after each use. We used a command hook and hung it on the inside of the kids bathroom closet.

Hadley had her last basketball game of the season, and she scored seven baskets! Her coach brought all the girls ice cream for the last game of the season, it was a nice little treat. After the game, we stopped by Raising Cane’s for a late night dinner. Hadley and I had never had it before, and it was pretty good! The cane sauce was excellent!

Saturday, January 8th

Picked up some clearance flowers at Kroger Saturday morning, I always find that the cheapie flowers last the longest!

Amazon sent a goodie box full of baby items! It was nice and as we get things in the mail, Hadley loves to help me open them and put them away in the babys room.

Saturday night, Hadley had a soccer game. She gets so excited at any sporting event she plays, just love her enthusiasm.

Sunday, January 9th

The baby’s room is coming along! We hung the mirror, put the dresser together, and the changing pad covers came. We don’t really have a “theme”, just doing colors for the most part.

My night time routine lately consists of a sleeping mask for my face, sleepy body lotion for my legs, tums as a precaution for acid reflux, and lotion for my dry hands.

Our recap from last week. Not too busy, other than getting all things baby ready.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have a great week!

From the weekend.

Happy New Year! Here is a recap from our week!

Monday, December 27

Hadley lost her second tooth of her little seven year old life! When she lost her first tooth, she was a little scared of the thought of a tooth fairy coming into her room to get her tooth so I made this little sign to hang on the wall outside her room. When I was growing up, I remember the tooth fairy leaving a quarter, now a days it’s up to a dollar!

When my husband is working at the firehouse, I just love it when he sends me selfies at random times. This particular photo, he had to help someone into the ambulance, while he was on the engine. Isn’t he just so cute? ♥

The weather was unseasonably warm for this time of year, so Hadley had this great idea to do water balloons on the driveway while I worked inside. This girl should’ve been born in the summer, she could be outside all day and all night.

We had movie night practically every night during Christmas break. I don’t mind movie nights ever because I’m the type that can watch movies over and over again. Yes, even kid movies!

Tuesday, December 28

Keeping up with a workout routine for this entire pregnancy just has my mind blown. When I was pregnant with Hadley I never worked out, maybe went on a walk or two, but nothing of this caliber. I’ve worked out almost everyday for the entire pregnancy!

Posted my 32 weeks update on Instagram! Click on the link to read more about the update.

My love for planners continues, and for this year I went with the Happy Planner again! Four years and counting. I wrote an in-depth post here if you’re interested in my 2022 planner.

Thursday, December 30th

With Hadley being on Christmas break, she was able to go to one of my doctor appointments, she got to see her baby brother on the ultrasound! She still doesn’t really understand how there is a baby in my belly, but it was fun for her to go and see everything with me.

Started the whole “nesting” mode around the house, and cleaned out an entire cabinet to make room for baby stuff in the kitchen. Three years we’ve been in our house, and I still have room in cabinets which I just love! I don’t want a crammed kitchen!

For our little Keurig corner, I bought two mugs with the initials “K” and “M” for Kevin and Mandy for us to use for coffee and tea latte’s. I put a little Happy New Year sign in this corner for the new year.

Friday, December 31st

We did not have anything big planned or New Year’s Eve this year, being pregnant and Kevin getting over a sickness we just chilled for the most part. We went over to my parents to watch the Bearcats play in the Cotton Bowl! Too bad it was a loss, but still an exciting time for our Bearcats.

After the football game, we headed home for our own little New Year’s Eve celebration. We had sparkling grape juice, and added some gummy bears to it, and toasted to a new year! Hadley wasn’t a fan of the juice, but I sure was!

Was surprised to see the top nine Instagram posts for 2021 were majority baby related!

Saturday, January 1st

Christmas decor started to come down! Being pregnant, it takes me a lot longer to do things now so it was a slow process and lots of sitting down, but I managed to get all the decorations down, and Hadley helped taking the ornaments off the tree.

After Kevin was feeling poopy for a few days, he finally felt good enough to put together the baby dresser. It took him all day with lots of breaks, but it’s done!

Sunday, January 2nd

33 weeks in, and still on the workout routine. Some days like any days are a struggle, but once it’s over I feel so good! I’ve been sticking with the same YouTube video prenatal workouts. Nancy Taylor is my favorite, they are easy and get my heart rate up.

Grandma and Grandad sent Hadley a cute little stuffed animal in the mail for Happy New Year! She loves getting things in the mail with her name on it.

We made it to church for the first time since Covid has been around. I’m so glad we went, it was packed! They recently re-did part of the church, so it was nice to see the updates after two years.

Last workout of the year! Another YouTube video. I have this idea for 2022 to try and keep track of how many workouts I do for the year, so at the end of the year I can look back and say I did 300 workouts out of 365 days or something like that. It would be neat to do!

Well, there you have it! Our recap from last week of Christmas festivities, and the end of Christmas break. The kids are back in school, and it’s been an adjustment sleep wise, plus a late soccer game the first day back, but after a few early bedtime nights we’ll be back to normal.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you have a great week!

From the weekend.

Our weekend started off with cheering for the last home football game! Hadley lead the crew down to the field, which she was super excited about. And it was a “pink out” game for Breast Cancer Awareness month, so they all wore pink and the coach gave the cheerleaders a pink sticker for their cheeks.

After the football game, I got a walk in. I love to go to this trail by our house, it’s the perfect spot and it’s so pretty to walk through. I usually get in a three mile walk, but lately part of the path has been closed due to construction so I’ve shortened the walk to 2.5 which is better than no miles!

Saturday night we went to a wedding, it was beautiful outside! The ceremony was outside, and the reception was partially outside/inside. The reception was in a barn type building that had these huge sliding doors that opened to let the fresh air in. It was a great date night!

Sunday morning, I went to the trail for another walk. My partner in crime joined me on her bike. I just love it when she wants to come with me, it gives her exercise and she has fun riding her bike. I just wish she would try and learn how to ride without training wheels one of these days.

Sunday afternoon, Hadley had her last soccer game for the outdoor season, and they won! I’m so proud of this girl. She went from not knowing much about soccer, to learning how to dribble in and out of other players, and just learning the basics of soccer for her age. She had the best coaches, who were so patient yet determined to teach these girls. Her team learned how to play together by the end of the season, and it was so fun to watch.

We had a busy but fun weekend! Now back to the grind.

From the weekend.

Friday. Started out with a walk on our favorite trail, and Hadley riding her bike. I just love it when she wants to come with me. It gives her exercise, and fresh air! She was off school for her festival set up. The first day of the festival! We were so excited to go this year! Last year it was cancelled due to the pandemic. I’ve waited so many years to go to our own school festival, and it was finally here. We played games, rode the rides, listened to the band play, and just hung out with friends. Hadley and her bestie! We had the best time, and the weather could not have been more perfect!

Saturday. We went to see the big kids all dolled up for Homecoming. Brady is a junior, and Natalie is a freshman. They were taking pictures with their dates at a park near downtown. I’m glad we were able to see them and got a few photos! Even Dad got to stop by while he was hard at work. Hadley and I came home and washed my car, the weather has been just gorgeous.

Sunday. More festival time! Face painting, rides, games, and more food. Natalie joined us for a little bit, she even tried the famous west side Pizza from Trottas and her picky little self loved it! So good. I’m so glad we have this community at school and in our parish, it’s been fun getting to know the parents and kiddos. I can’t wait for many more festivals!

From the weekend.

Saturday morning we spent half the day at two high school volleyball games for Natalie. I have to say, they are way more exciting to watch in high school verses grade school. Hadley was a trooper sitting inside a gym all morning, and then when we got home everyone chilled on the couch. Welcome back Natalie haha

While Natalie and Hadley chilled inside, like a crazy person I decided to vacuum out my car and Kevin’s truck. He was outside with me cleaning the floor mats, it was gross hot out! But, we hadn’t cleaned our cars since before we left for our Destin beach trip and they needed it!

We are slowly doing some house updates! Painted the fireplace white, and it looks soo good! Got rid of the carpet in the family room, and put down hardwood floors. We ordered a new couch and ottoman also. Now I need to find a new rug, and things to put on the walls! We got rid of our kitchen table, well it’s actually for sale on Facebook Marketplace if anyone is interested, let me know! We replaced the table with this small white one with two chairs. It’s the perfect size for this space in our kitchen. The other table was too big and made the kitchen look over crowded. When all of the kids are home, we usually eat in the dining room anyway that has six chairs so we can all fit.

On Sunday, Hadley had her second soccer game in the hot hot heat! She lost 2-1. I love that she loves sports so much, and hope she continues to want to play. So far she has played indoor soccer, softball, outdoor soccer and cheer are happening now.

We had a busy weekend, now back to the grind of the work week and all that entails. Soccer practice, cheer practice, work, laundry, grocery shopping, yada yada yada!

Happy Monday! Make it a great week!

From the weekend.

Friday started out with a movie night in the dining room. Sometimes we watch movies on the computer monitor, and put a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor and snuggle up. After the movie, Hadley went to bed around eight o’clock. Around 9:15pm or so, we started getting heavy winds, thunderstorms, and the local sirens started going off for tornado warnings! I had to wake up poor Hadley, and we went to the basement. Luckily, she fell back asleep when we got to the basement. I lit some candles in case the power went out, and about 45 minutes later the warnings were gone. Woke Hadley back up, walked her back upstairs to her room, and she went right back to sleep again. I’m so so thankful for such a great kiddo that sleeps so good. Saturday morning, she didn’t remember a thing from this!

Saturday morning we went to Bob Evans for breakfast to celebrate my Dad, brother, and Kevin for Father’s Day. Poor Kevin had just two hours of sleep from working the night before. It was nice to see the whole fam, and the breakfast was so good! Haven’t had an omelet there in forever, I got the bacon and cheddar cheese omelet, so so good!

Saturday afternoon we went to the lake to celebrate Father’s Day with my father-in-law. We all ventured out on the new gator, it drives like a car and is so smooth!

Saturday had some boat rides, tossed some baseball, and just hung out. Hadley made this little wooden block with a photo of her holding a sign “I love you” up, they made these at her daycare. Soo cute!

Sunday, Brady did some wakeboarding before it got too crowded. And by Sunday night when we got home, little Miss Hadley was out. And I mean out. She probably fell asleep in less than a minute.

It was a great weekend spent with family, and really great weather after the tornado / thunderstorms went away on Friday!