34 weeks.

So pregnant. So tired. Always hungry. Nothing fits. Pretty much sums up the 34 week mark.

Don’t get me wrong, I still feel pretty amazing overall, but the little things are starting to catch up with me. Sleeping at night hasn’t been fun, I can fall asleep okay but it’s when I have to use the bathroom at least two times a night is what wakes me up and then I have trouble falling back to sleep each time. The belly is feeling heavier and heavier, I’m not really comfortable unless I’m sitting in my office chair at home, or the kitchen table chair. Everywhere else is super uncomfortable, except laying down in my bed!

One other thing that has popped up recently is a bad tooth ache. I’ve read your teeth can do strange things while pregnant and it’s good to get checkups. I had a dentist appointment scheduled, but then I started feeling a little under the weather last week so I cancelled the appointment. The thought of laying on my back, at an incline, while feeling not so great wasn’t a great idea.

If that’s all I have to complain about, I know I’m pretty lucky! Something my husband said to me the other day made me feel pretty amazing. He said, “you know you have no stretch marks on your belly?” I don’t put any lotion or anything on the belly either, so that made me feel pretty damn good. Thanks babe! When you’re feeling large and in charge, sweet comments like that are what I need right now.

Had my weekly ultrasound today, little man is looking right on track. He’s the size of a pineapple now! The tail end of this pregnancy is getting closer and closer. I still can’t believe it some days.

Since it’s been seven years since I had my daughter, we are basically starting from scratch again as far as baby items go. I did a baby registry on Amazon, mainly for the completion discount. I will share later once I can report back on what I would absolutely register for again, what I would skip, and anything I may have missed. It’s amazing how much things change over the years!

I’ve still been living in maternity leggings, which I’ve only purchased one pair that fit me the best. I desperately need to buy one more so I can have an extra in the hospital bag I have yet to pack! Shoes have been pretty much my Brooks gym shoes all the time, unless I have to go in the office. I have pretty much the same few tops I wear because they are loose and comfy. I could care less about fashion right now, everything is all about comfort for me.

Thankfully, I don’t have too many overpowering symptoms of pregnancy, even still. My belly is huge, which makes bending over a little tough, laying down a little trickier, and finding a comfy chair to sit on. And knock on wood, I’ve only had acid reflux one time! With my daughter Hadley, I had it quite a lot. My skin has been amazing, no breakouts nothing. Peeing a lot more frequently, and not sleeping the best but nothing that is too overwhelming.

Going to appointments every week now. Weekly ultrasounds, and every other week with the doctor. After week 36, the appointments will be weekly with the doc. I normally hate going to the doctor, but with pregnancy, surprisingly, has changed that. It’s so fun to see how the baby is doing each week, I look forward to it so much!

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