From the weekend.

Here is our recap from the weekend.

Friday, January 7

With my due date approaching, we ordered lots of baby things that we still need. I was starting to get a little nervous thinking we don’t have all that we need, I think I over ordered but better to be safe than sorry. I keep thinking if I don’t have it all now, I won’t ever get it. I know that’s not true, probably just a hormonal feeling I have.

The bathtub has this hook on the end to hang after each use. We used a command hook and hung it on the inside of the kids bathroom closet.

Hadley had her last basketball game of the season, and she scored seven baskets! Her coach brought all the girls ice cream for the last game of the season, it was a nice little treat. After the game, we stopped by Raising Cane’s for a late night dinner. Hadley and I had never had it before, and it was pretty good! The cane sauce was excellent!

Saturday, January 8th

Picked up some clearance flowers at Kroger Saturday morning, I always find that the cheapie flowers last the longest!

Amazon sent a goodie box full of baby items! It was nice and as we get things in the mail, Hadley loves to help me open them and put them away in the babys room.

Saturday night, Hadley had a soccer game. She gets so excited at any sporting event she plays, just love her enthusiasm.

Sunday, January 9th

The baby’s room is coming along! We hung the mirror, put the dresser together, and the changing pad covers came. We don’t really have a “theme”, just doing colors for the most part.

My night time routine lately consists of a sleeping mask for my face, sleepy body lotion for my legs, tums as a precaution for acid reflux, and lotion for my dry hands.

Our recap from last week. Not too busy, other than getting all things baby ready.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have a great week!

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