37 weeks.

Due date month is finally here!

Little man is fully cooked at 37 weeks. Which means, he could arrive at any time now, although I’m hoping he gives me at least a week or two. We have everything pretty much done, I still have to hang some stuff on the walls in his room and pack my bag, etc.

But time will tell. Because with babies, they come when they want or like my daughter Hadley, have to be forced out. I have a feeling this little man is going to overstay his welcome, but we shall see!

Time is just flying by, and I can’t wait to see what this little guy looks like! Will he be dark haired at birth, and then turn blond like Hadley? Or will he be blond from the get go?

Workouts have been consistent still, and I don’t want to stop until it’s go time. After I workout in the mornings, I just feel a ton better the rest of the day! On the days I don’t workout first thing, I feel very tired and not much like doing anything.

Looking forward to finishing up the babys room, packing a bag, and just finally getting to meet our little man!

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