From the weekend.

Happy Monday folks! Here is a recap of the weekend.

Friday, February 4th

Started off the weekend with a snow day for both Hadley and myself. We got lots of snow and ice! After two days of slumming it around the house, I took a nice long hot shower and got all dolled up for nothing. Hadley loves to be outside, no matter the temperatures. She practically shoveled the entire driveway all on her own! At night, when Kevin and I take turns laying with Hadley for bed she’ll fall asleep in the cutest ways. This night she had her hand on my arm, snoring away.

Saturday, February 5th

Worked out both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, for a total of 7 days in a row this week! Super proud of myself to continue exercising at nine months pregnant! Hadley had indoor soccer, and Kevin finally got to go to one, and, she scored a goal! It never fails, she always seems to score when he’s working. So she was super excited he got to see her get a goal.

Sunday, February 6th

After church on Sunday, we headed to Home Depot to buy fun house things. Fun as in a toilet! Haha Hadley was thrilled to be in the backseat with the large box. While Kevin installed the toilet, I worked on finishing up the babys room. It’s all finished, and I can’t wait to share the details soon. Hadley was outside a lot on Sunday, just playing in the snow. She would take breaks and chill in her room, sitting on her reading nook bench. We have been having lots of fires lately, and we love it. After dinner, Hadley went back outside to play. We went out with her for a little bit, it’s just too cold! She just loves the outdoors. And last but not least, happy Super Bowl week! Just look at that stadium field!

Happy Monday, have a great week!

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