Weekly recap.

We had a busy week and weekend, lots to do to get ready for a two-day recital. I’m recapping it all on the blog today!

Monday, April 4

Monday morning started off with Huxley in the swing, and I forgot to buckle him in, and he had managed to kick his blanket off of him. And slide way down from kicking his feet. He was ready to get out.

When I take a shower, sometimes the only way I can get one is by putting Huxley in his pillow as we call it. Kevin was doing something, and then came up to lay by him in case he started to cry. He ended up falling asleep, he loves the sound of the bathroom fan and the shower.

When Hadley got home after school, and finished her homework, we played her new game Monopoly Builder. She’s been begging to play this ever since Grandma and Grandad gave her this for her belated Christmas gifts. It’s a really fun game, and has a different twist on it than the original Monopoly.

Hadley ready for bed in her new jammies, they are so soft and comfy.

Tuesday, April 5

Tuesday morning, Hadley made her own lunch! She beat Kevin getting up and wanted to have everything ready before he woke up. She succeeded! It was so cute. I think the reason she wants to rush downstairs in the mornings, is because she knows I’m down there with Huxley.

After school drop off, Huxley has been sleeping for a bit during this time. I’ve been able to get in a workout while he sleeps, which has been amazing! I just workout right in the family room, while he sleeps on the ottoman.

Wednesday, April 6

Hadley was exhausted after school; she usually is super tired during the week. School just takes it out of her. She changed into her jammies before dinner on Wednesday. I think this was the night Kevin had to attend a coach meeting for Hadley’s softball, and Huxley and I laid in her bed with her for a few minutes.

Thursday, April 7

Hadley looked super tired before school on Thursday, but she’s all smiles as usual. After school, Hadley and I had plans to surprise Kevin with dinner. This was his last day of paternity leave, he was off for 50 something days and it was amazing. He cooked lunch and dinner the majority of the days, and I’ve been super spoiled. So we thought we’d return the favor and made his favorite meal, steak, asparagus, and potatoes. In between cooking and grilling, we got in a game of Builder Monopoly again this week. We had a good night before Kevin went back to work the next day.

Friday, April 8

I told myself I was going to get up earlier and make Hadley breakfast before school, while I’m on maternity leave. She’s been in a funk lately, and not eating anything until lunch at school, and then most of the time barely eats what we pack her for lunch. So, I’m trying to get her to eat breakfast, in which I hope will get her to eat more for lunch. I made cinnamon rolls, and she ate one and a half and a glass of orange juice. Progress.

Huxley was a champ and kept himself content while I showered for the day. All smiles in his pillow, laying outside the bathroom while I showered.

My parents came over for Hadley’s first dance recital. She was so excited for the recital! We had front row seats, so we had a great view of her dances. Huxley slept through the entire thing which was awesome. And Hadley did so good, dancing with her friends on stage!

Saturday, April 9

We started our Saturday morning by watching the movie, Mary Poppins. Huxley seemed to be semi-interested in the movie, maybe it was all the music from the songs.

Later on in the afternoon, Kevin’s parents came over for Hadley’s dance recital night number two! I’m so glad both sets of grandparents were able to come and support her. She was beyond excited. It was such a joy watching her shine on stage, she did great!

Sunday, April 10

Hadley was on the “blue list” for spelling this week, which is the harder words. She got 100%! They were hard words for first grade, we practiced with her over and over all week!

On Sundays, I get my Happy Planner out and look at the week ahead.

We are slowly introducing Huxley to his room. Taking naps in his crib, and changing diapers when we are upstairs.

Hadley could seriously live outside, no matter the weather conditions. She opened up her new chalk and drew on the driveway.

We gave Huxley his first real bath! Up until this point, he’s been gettin bathed on the bathroom counter with a washcloth. At first, he cried a lot and then calmed down. He’ll get better the more he gets used to it.

It was a great fun, busy weekend!

Happy Monday!

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