Easter decor.

I love to decorate for all the seasons and holidays. Easter is one where I don’t have many decorations, but the ones I do have are super cute!

The fireplace is always the center of decorations in our house. I love to put little things here and there on the mantel, and hang banners and things.

I’ve had the bunny banner for so long now, I don’t remember where it’s from. My guess is Target, or Hobby Lobby. Wherever it’s from, it’s lasted a long time.

Next to the fireplace, we’ve started to accumulate board games / toys in the wooden crate. I stuck the wooden Easter bunny on top of the crate for some additional decor by the fireplace.

In the corner cabinet in our kitchen, I placed a small bunny to give it an Easter vibe.

In the bathroom, I like to switch out some of the things on the shelves. And I always change out the hand towels for each holiday / season.

Love to decorate for the seasons! Easter is only a few short days away. Nothing like decorating at the lats minute this year. #newbornlife

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