Weekly recap.

We had a great week, ending Hadleys spring break, cold and muddy outside, and shots at the doctor’s office. I’m recapping it all on the blog today!

Monday, April 18

Started the week with Hadleys last day of spring break, by putting together some legos she got from the Easter bunny. She literally worked on them all by herself for a few good hours! Trying to get better with pumping everyday, it’s such a struggle for me. By the time I get done feeding Huxley, and pumping, it leaves barely enough time to do much else. But I’m trying! Huxley turned two months this week! He’s growing super fast!

Tuesday, April 19

Softball practice was cancelled due to muddy fields and cold weather. My good friend Kristin came over to meet Huxley! He was a little cranky this day, but it’s okay, he’s just a little babe trying to figure out this world! It was so good to see her though! We used to work together at Kroger, and then we both quit and stayed in touch. She’s the sweetest friend!

Wednesday, April 20

Huxley has been all smiles lately, just love watching all the new things he does each and every day! I have this quote on my desk, “You are totally replaceable at work. You’re not replaceable at home. Home is your real life. Keep that perspective. Always.” Not sure who that quote is by, but I found it on Pinterest and printed it off for my desk at home. Good one to think about. Hadley and I had steak, mac and cheese, and asparagus for me for dinner. Hadley just loves her a steak.

Thursday, April 21

Huxley had his two month checkup, and had three shots in his little tiny legs! The shots weren’t fun to watch. It is always harder on the parents when the babes get shots, but he was fine within minutes. And he was fine the rest of the day too! I remember Hadley taking Tylenol and sleeping a lot. He was his normal self after the doctor appointment. The doc said he’s growing great, and doing everything he should be doing. Kevin bought a striper for the lawn, and he’s obsessed. But those lines are pretty awesome, it looks great. Hadley has been loving the laptop, she’ll watch Netflix or YouTube videos on it sometimes, she looks like an adult working some days.

Friday, April 22

For Earth Day, I made earth cinnamon rolls for Hadley before school. And printed off some earth day jokes for her to read out loud to us, and then some extra to put in her lunch for school. After she got home from school, we met my parents for dinner to celebrate my Dad’s belated birthday. Huxley slept through the entire dinner. Afterwards, we stopped at our local ice cream place for dessert!

Saturday, April 23

Hadley and I spent most of the day outside, it was the nicest weather. We took a few walks, and just hung out. Huxley loved the outdoor weather, and he took some pretty good naps too! We even managed to have a movie night, and watched Encanto. We were late to get on the Encanto bandwagon, but after watching it two times or so, we are fans! Such a cute movie, and the songs are fun!

Sunday, April 24

We started out our Sunday by taking another walk, and we saw the goats! Their is a private drive down the street, and one of the houses that is tucked back in the woods has goats! The goats with the horns are kinda scary, but it’s hilarious. Hadley had her first softball game of the season! She played so good, and the weather was the best. The girls played very well, with having only one practice! Grandma, Grandad, and her cousin Emily came out to see her play too!

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week!

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