Front yard landscaping.

If you have been around the blog for a while, then you’ll remember how we totally re-did our front yard last year! If you are new here, you can check out the entire process on this post.

We are so happy everything is still alive and kicking a year later! All the perennials we originally planted are doing great a year later. We were a little unsure how it was going to turn out after a year, but glad to say all is good.

The green flowers on the outer edge are hydrangea tiny tuff stuff, they are so green and full right now. Some of them are starting to bloom little pink hydrangeas, but mainly just the green leaves are all that you see right now.

These are a mix of vinca and impatiens this year, because the garden center did not have many vincas this year. I went with impatiens to go with them, which I have to say I’m not a huge fan of, but they’ll work for this year. The vincas are made to be in the sun, which is what this area of the yard gets lots of.

These yellow bushes are called spirea double play candy corn, which I’m still not sure of what they are supposed to look like. Last year, we didn’t have any of the purple/pink blooms so I’m guessing that’s the look? Not sure, but I still like them!

In this area are the mixture of vincas and impatiens, along with the boxwood that we kept from the original owners. The little tree in the back is called styrax snow cone, it has white blooms in the beginning of spring and then it turns to green leaves. The other green bushes are holly bushes, they are the lowest maintenance bushes along with the boxwood. All you have to really do is trim them.

Our big hydrangea bushes! This baby bloomed major last year, and this year nothing. We have one in the front yard by the front door, and another one on the other side of the garage.

The hostas are doing great, they look so fresh and crisp this year!

The front porch isn’t finished just yet, I still want to get a new rug and door mat, but the flowers are done for the most part. I had more last year which made the porch look fuller. It’s okay though, it still looks better than a bare porch in the dead of winter!

These hanging baskets are the death of me, I can never keep them alive all summer! I know they like tons of water, but I always seem to fail at these. So far, this one is doing good. We’ll see by the end of September how she’s doing again haha

The front yard will always be a labor of love for us. Kevin loves to keep the grass looking nice, and I love to keep the flowers looking nice. It’s a win win! So happy with how our front yard turned out!

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