Weekly recap.

Second full week of no work, and I’m here to say it’s still glorious! Super busy, but still loving it!

Monday June 6

Morning swim team practice, Hadley used her swim cap for the first time. I was so surprised she liked wearing it! After practice, we headed to summer camp for her first day. She was beyond excited to start going there again. We love this place, it’s more like a daycare but we call it summer camp since we only use it during the summer. The kids go on field trips throughout the summer. Some days they stay at the center and do fun things there, and a few times each week they’ll go out to places fun. Hadley just loves it! After all the drop offs, managed to get a workout in while Huxley slept for a while.

Tuesday June 7

Worked out bright and early this morning before the kids woke up. I need to try and do this more often, no matter how tired I am. There is something about starting off the morning by myself, it gets me to focus and ready for the day! After my workout, I strip off most of my clothes to feed Huxley because I’m always so sweaty after workouts. Plus, it’s a little hot upstairs in his room. Off to swim team practice, and then summer camp. When I picked her up for the day, we decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant Cancun for an early dinner! Huxley was so good; towards the end of our early dinner, I took him out of the car seat, and he was sitting on my lap like a big boy. He loved it.

Wednesday June 8

Huxley is such a happy boy, just love him so much! He smiles like this the majority of the time. After the usual daily things, Kevin came home after umpiring some games and he was so exhausted. He crashed on the couch, with his hand on my leg. So cute!

Thursday June 9

Folded laundry on the floor in Huxley’s room, sometimes you have to do things in different places for a chance of pace! Cut the grass by myself, brought out Huxleys swing and after I was just about done with the entire lawn, he fell asleep! So, while he slept, I picked some weeds that I’ve been putting off. Hadley had her very first swim meet! I was a little nervous going by myself with Huxley, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to watch Hadley or be there for her when she needed it. But like always, it worked out fine. Huxley was an angel, and it all worked out! She placed third in both of her individual events, and I think third or fourth for her relay event. It brought back so many memories of swimming in grade school / high school for me.

Friday June 10

Walked at my favorite trail for the first time since Huxleys been born, like really walked fast for exercise. It felt so good! Once this weather cools off and isn’t so humid, I’d love to go more and more like I used to. Huxley is starting to like baths more and more, he hasn’t really hated them just isn’t so sure about them some days. Hadley loves to lay in bed and watch her iPad before bed, we need to get back to reading before bed though! After both kids go to bed, I go downstairs to pump one more time. It’s very time consuming, but worth it.

Saturday June 11

Kevin umpired a softball tournament, and we came to watch! He loves to umpire, and it’s so cool to watch him do it. Baseball / softball is his favorite sport, so he’s in heaven doing this for a short time. I fed Huxley in the car in between games. It wasn’t to too hot, there was a nice breeze. Hadley saw some of her friends from school, who had older siblings playing in the tournament, so she was having a blast.

Sunday June 12

The tournament was delayed a little bit due to the rain the night before, the guys had to tend to the fields for a while to make them playable. Once we got to the fields, it was a lot warmer this day. The last team that played plays music in between innings and announces each girl as they go up to bat. Love that idea!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

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