Friday favorites.

Here are a few favorites I’m loving from this week! Are you ready for the weather to give us a slight cool down? And then back to the sickening heat next week? I’m not, but thank goodness for the pool!


For this summer, I purchased three different suits for Huxley. They have all been great so far! The blue and white striped one is from Amazon and it came with a hat. This suit is my favorite, the quality is nice but I don’t want to spend another twenty something bucks on something he’ll outgrow in a second. We will wear this one in between washes. Suit linked here.

The next two are from Walmart, all blue with white stars and red trim, and the blue/light blue strips. These two are great, and it gets the job done for the cost. For the short time he’ll wear these suits, it works perfect. Huxley will be four months next week, and he’s in a size 3-6 months. He could probably go up to 6 months in some things. Blue/red suit linked here, and the blue/light blue strips suit linked here.


If you are local, then you’ll know the weather here in Cincinnati has been super-hot and humid. On the days when it’s not so humid, usually in the mornings, I like to go walking on this trail by our house or on the streets in our neighborhood. The trail is two miles if you do the trail one time. This week, Huxley and I did the two miles at my fast-walking pace. It felt so good to get outside and walk!


Our jogger stroller has been awesome so far, since I use it almost every day! I use it for swim team practice four days a week, I use it for sport events for Hadley, I use it to go to the pool, I use it for walks, I use this stroller a TON! It surely isn’t UPPAbaby potential, but for what I need it to do, for the short amount of time we’ll use it, it’ll do. I cannot justify spending massive money on baby items that I’ll only use for a short time. Baby Trend is cheaper, and it works for us! Stroller linked here.


For using the stroller on a daily basis in the middle of summer, these stroller fans are a must for baby! They are so cool, and you can use them for other places besides the stroller. I’ve set the fan up next to me to cool off, or to set it up next to Huxley if he’s laying down on the patio chair at the pool, things like that. The stroller fan is awesome, and it even has a light you can turn on if need be. Highly recommend for baby or yourself! Fan linked here.


My sweet daughter Hadley. She has been nothing but short of amazing this summer. She helps me out more than I can count, and I am forever grateful for her. Sometimes she gets the short end of the stick right now with her brother being so little and needing so much attention. But she keeps on going and keeps being there for her dad and I as the best big sister. She’ll grab something I forgot to get after I sat down to feed Huxley, she’ll calm Huxley down if he’s fussy so I can finish doing whatever it is I’m in the middle of, she’ll still get out of the pool with a huge smile on her face after I missed her first event last night because of Huxley being fussy in the hot as hell heat for her swim meet. She continues to surprise me the older she gets; just how great she really is. I hope she never changes, and always has this personality that shines so bright it’s contagious.

Happy weekend everyone!

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