Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! Workouts, swim team practice, meets, belated birthday, the pool, and the zoo.

Monday June 13

Walked around the neighborhood in the morning, Huxley is such a trooper in the car seat lately. Knock on wood that keeps up. Hadley has been eating better with lunches, I think it helps when it’s presented in a fun way some days. We had a very short, but scary storm come through. Heavy winds, and crazy weather, so we headed to the basement for a little while and when we came back upstairs there were branches and leaves all over the yard. We were lucky, but others not so lucky and had huge trees fall. I’ve mastered Kevin’s egg wraps; they are so good! Just your basic tortilla wrap, eggs, with cheese and bacon melted inside. Yum! Huxley has been laying his head on my chest lately, the opposite way of my shoulder, and it’s been so cute.

Tuesday June 14

Swim practice was a little hot this week. I debated on staying in the car with the air on but wasn’t sure how long Huxley would last sitting still in the car. He likes to keep moving. We stayed outside under the red umbrella, that makes him look hot but he was fine. I bought what I thought was a mini watermelon, but apparently it was a yellow crimson, because it was yellow inside! Hadley and I both tried it and thought eww this is weird. Hadley loves to play in any type of water, she played in the sprinkler for a little bit to cool off after dinner.

Wednesday June 15

Huxley fell asleep as soon as it was time to leave to drop Hadley off to summer camp. A few times a week, I love to make smoothies. I like the same ones over and over again, but this one is a chocolate one that I rarely make because it calls for half an avocado and I usually end up wasting the other half of it. Finished up the tags for the softball goodie bags. Shared our front landscaping here, and a week later a mole ate four bushels of flowers! Packed dinner to eat by the pool, while Huxley and Kevin took a good nap! After a few really hot days, the water felt really good. Huxleys first time in the pool, and he was a fan. He was so calm the whole time.

Thursday June 16

Took a good fast walk at the trail, I was sweating bullets but Huxley was ok. Later that night, headed to a swim meet in the middle of a heat wave. I get super nervous going to things like this solo with Huxley, but I have to on the nights Kevin works. As most of the time, everything works out. It surely was a hot one, but we survived. I’ll let an ice cube melt in my hand, and put my wet hand on his head, or wet a paper towel and dab it on his body. Hadley did so good for her second swim meet. Her dad cant wait to finally see her swim this week!

Friday June 17

Both Hadley and Huxley slept for ten hours! All that hotness at the swim meet must’ve worn them out, and they last pretty long too. Cut the grass while Huxley slept the majority of the time. For dinner, we grilled out steak, and had baked potatoes. Celebrated Miss Natalie turning 15 too! After dinner, we headed to the pool for a short swim at night with our cousins. Sometimes we’ll go up there after dinner for an hour or so, just long enough for Hadley to get a dose of pool time in. She would live there if we’d let her, any type of body of water!

Saturday June 18

Huxley is starting to sleep on his side / belly, and it makes me super nervous! I don’t sleep well when he does sleep all night, I’ll wake up and randomly go in and check on him. I know if they can roll over on their own, they are strong enough to lift up their head and breath, but I still get nervous, so I’ll lose some sleep to keep checking on him for this short time! We went to my niece’s high school graduation in the afternoon, and I did not take one single picture! I cannot believe myself; I usually take lots of pictures. Oh well. It was great to celebrate her, she’s going to do good things!

Sunday June 19

Started off our Father’s Day with a trip to the zoo for the first time this year! We have a membership, and it’s 100% worth it. Hadley got her arm painted which I didn’t know you could do now, must be something new, I guess. We didn’t think it was going to be crowded on Father’s Day, but it sure was. I have nothing but great things to say about the zoo, they are so accommodating for anything you might need. They have a nursing den area where you can nurse your baby, it’s private, air-conditioned, quiet, and most importantly pretty clean for a public place! I should’ve taken pictures but will next time. While I fed Huxley, Hadley ate her lunch in the room with us and watched videos on my phone. It was perfect. After the zoo, we went to visit Kevin at the firehouse. Hadley just loves it there; they always give her some kind of dessert usually a popsicle of some kind. Kevin has a picture of all the kiddos in his helmet ♥. Huxley is liking baths more and more now. And for bedtime, Hadley had to sleep with her new giraffe stuffie she conned me into getting her at the zoo.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

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