Front porch rug.

At the beginning of each season, especially summer and fall, I like to get a new rug for the front porch. Our old rug is from last summer and it lasted through fall and winter. So, it was time for a rug refresh for the front porch!

This year, I went with blue to match our blue front door! My husband sometimes wants to paint the door a different color, but I love the blue!

This “home” rug was the old one. It looks a little darker than usual because I had just watered the flowers after taking the photo. The home mat was completely worn, and it was time for a new one.

The new blue rug really makes the front porch pop, and with the blue front door I love how it looks! Something very simple as new rugs, can really make an area look fresh and clean. I love having a larger rug underneath to give it some depth. And the bright colorful flowers of course help a little! To read about all of our flowers, read the blog post linked here.

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