Friday favorites.

TGIF! I’m so glad it’s Friday! Ready for this weekend, we plan to pick up our boat and give it a good deep cleaning. It hasn’t had a good cleaning since last summer! Here are a few favorites I’m loving this week!


I’ve been trying extra hard this month to blog more, it’s hard to do with the babe but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing. I bought this content planner a few months ago, and I’ve really been utilizing it this year. It’s super helpful in planning things for the blog, and it’s been a great tool for me so far! Content planner linked here.


This cooler was one of those items I received inside a FabFitFun box. I’ve been using it when Kevin isn’t with us at the pool or swim meets. It’s too much for me to have the stroller, swim bag, and a cooler. So, this small little cooler fits perfectly in the bottom of the stroller. And the best thing? It doesn’t leak!!! I feel like every soft sided cooler I’ve ever owned has always leaked, and this one so far (knock on wood) hasn’t! Cooler linked here.


This organizer sits on the dresser in Huxley’s room, and it’s awesome. It holds diapers, wipes, and then all the little things you might need for baby. Lotion, desitin, Aquaphor, etc. It might not be the trendiest looking item, but it’s very functional and practical. Caddy linked here.


Recently upgraded my Fitbit Versa 2, to the 3! My old one literally quit working; the screen went black after a full charge. I’m pretty happy with the new one, still getting adjusted to it but for the most part it’s the same as the Versa 2. I love how it tracks my steps, and heart rate. Those are the two things I look at the most, and then the app on my phone I use for when I go on walks/runs. Fitbit linked here.


If time allows, I typically watch the Today show just about every day during the week. I love it so much more than the local news, which is 95% of the time depressing and sad. The Today Show is more upbeat news and I just enjoy it! The Today Show linked here.

Happy weekend everyone!

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