Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! Chilling at home, the lake, the boat, and swimming!

Tuesday, July 5

The day after the 4th of July was so exhausting, even though we didn’t go to the lake like we usually do I was still super tired. After I dropped Hadley off at summer camp, Huxley and I went on our walk at our favorite trail. I’m slowly starting to run again, very slowly, but it’s feeling great! My favorite motto is “slow and steady wins the race.”

Huxley is growing at the speed of lightning, which means he’s starting to outgrow his clothes. I’m organizing them into bags by size and type of clothing. It makes me sad to see all the teeny tiny newborn clothes, and how fast it really is going this second time around.

We had tacos for dinner, sometimes Hadley will eat it and sometimes she won’t. This time, she didn’t, but at least we do offer it to her. Kevin had worked a 48-hour shift and had been sleeping all day. He slept through dinner pretty much, and we woke him up afterwards for the fireworks we saved for him to do that I didn’t feel safe doing solo. Hadley couldn’t wait to do the fireworks with her Dad, that ended up being like smoke bombs.

Wednesday, July 6

Walked at the trail again! Huxley has been falling asleep while we are there which has been amazing!

I finally tried one of those baby carriers my hair girl gave me, and it was pretty cool. I felt like Susie Homemaker, vacuuming with Huxley’s little head boppin around! I couldn’t stop laughing, it was comical but worked!

When Kevin got home, we hung outside for a little bit. Watered the flowers, and he hung our new hose up on the backyard wall.

Thursday, July 7

Most mornings, Huxley wakes up super happy, Hadley loves to be the first one to go in his room to get him. For her summer camp, she got to take a tour of the Cincinnati Bengals stadium! Her class ran out on the field like the players do! She was hoping to see the players locker room, but no such luck. Since she was going to see the Bengals stadium, she had to have her baby brother dress in his Bengals onesie our cousin gave us. It was cute!

Another trail walk/run, then a good nap.

Thursday night was swim team night, the nights Kevin works these aren’t easy to do solo but we make it through each time! I love how she loves swim team so much!

We tried out a new local grocery store that has different baked goods than your typical Kroger store. The cheesecake was delicious!

Friday, July 8

Not much for Friday, other than swim team practice, a workout, watered the flowers, and went to our neighbor’s pool! Hadley is cat sitting and flower watering, and we can swim if we want!

Saturday, July 9

We made an impromptu trip to the lake to bring our boat home to do a deep clean. We typically try to clean it in the beginning of each summer, but this year we haven’t really had a chance to yet. So, we brought it home to do that, and to try and take it out to different places than our normal lake we go to. It was a very chill day, and the weather was cloudy and rainy.

Sunday, July 10

Workout in the morning, then we headed to Sam’s Club. Hadley loves it there now, she likes to look around at all the new things they might have each week. Plus, we had to return some shorts we bought for her that didn’t fit.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

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