Pink hair.

Hadley has been wanting to get pink hair, ever since she saw her friend doing it to her hair earlier this summer. Since she’s on swim team, I asked my hair girl if it will come out in the pool. She said yes. So, we decided to wait until swim team was over.

We went to my hair girl at the salon to get this done, because I do not trust myself to do it! Hadley was beyond excited! Plus, we made it a mom and me date and left the boys at home. She looked so grown up with foils in her hair.

The color is not permanent, and it won’t damage her beautiful natural blond hair. The color will come out in a few weeks after a few washes in the shower. When we do go to the pool, which is fairly often, the color will come out immediately in the pool. At the pool, she’ll wear her swim cap from swim team. I am curious though, how long she’ll really wear a swim cap at the pool! I’m glad we went to the salon and had a professional do it, because I could never ruin her gorgeous long locks if I did this from a box!

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