Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! The Zoo, pool days, library scavenger hunts, and a soccer tournament.

Monday August 8

Started the week off with my new routine, some kind of movement for the day. Later in the afternoon, went to the pool for the day. The water has been amazing lately!

Tuesday August 9

Went to the Zoo! I don’t care how old you are, the Zoo will never get old to me. It’s so fun to watch your kiddo get soo excited to see animals. I can’t wait until the polar bear exhibit is finished; they are my favorite animal. It was a little hot, but not to to bad. Started Huxley on formula, one bottle a day. So far, he’s a fan. Makes me a little sad, but I’m kind of wanting to be done with breastfeeding.

Wednesday August 10

Went for a walk on the trail, Hadley chose to not bring her scooter and she was pooped. Plus, she wore leggings, and was sweating her booty off. On our way home from the trail, we went to the library to return our books and movies. While we were there, we saw they had a little scavenger hunt inside. After, thirty long minutes of walking around the library a million times to find things, she got to pick a prize. Libraries are so cute; they have fun stuff for kids. For soccer practice, I’ve been walking more to get more steps in. Bath and bed for the two kiddos!

Thursday August 11

Huxley loves to play in the office / dining room area. We’ll put all his toys in a little basket, and he’ll eventually dump them all out, roll back and forth, and put his legs and feet up on the wall. He’ll do that for a while off and on. It entertains him for a good while at least. Went to the pool again! Not many people there at all, it was so so nice. Now that we’ve got a routine down with Huxley at the pool, I’m so much more relaxed there. Especially when he naps at the pool! Hadley has been making new friends, ones she doesn’t know from school. I love watching her grow up!

Friday August 12

Sometimes Huxley will take a little snooze on our bed after he eats. I try to feed him in different spots around the house, so he’ll sleep wherever. He’s pretty good at sleeping anywhere for the most part. If he’s tired enough, he’ll sleep. Tonight was the Delhi Skirt Game, it’s a little westside tradition where a bunch of dudes dress up like girls and play baseball. It’s pretty funny to watch. This year they had more kid friendly things, a ton of bounce houses, games, etc. Hadley had a ball, and it was the nicest weather out.

Saturday August 13

Early Saturday morning, Hadley had her first preseason soccer tournament. They won the first game in the morning, and the second game in the afternoon. Uncle Brian and Aunt Bridgett came to watch her second game, and then we all headed to the pool! It was a beautiful day. The water was a tad cold after we had a cold front the last night.

Sunday August 14

Soccer tourney games day 2! First game in the morning, it rained a few minutes in. So glad we put up our tent, about half the parents were under it with us! The girls loved playing in the rain. Hadley has improved so much from last years outdoor season. She played goalie one of the quarters, and played front line, whatever that one is called. The second game in the afternoon had no rain, and Hadley scored the one and only goal to win the finals! She was beyond excited. The girls got a trophy, and they each got a medal for winning the tournament. It was awesome to see her play so well! We celebrated her win after dinner with a trip to the ice cream place. She wanted ice cream, and gets a slushie lol

Happy Monday! Make it a great week!

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