Friday favorites – Target bibs, Brooks running shoes, Stanley cup, and Kroger Boost.

Hello Friday and happy weekend! Here are my favorites for the week!


These silicone bibs from Target are my absolute favorite for Huxley. We have these exact ones, and I use them every day. I will say, I only use them when he eats baby food because anything that he spits out, runs out of his mouth goes right into the little pocket. It doesn’t go on his clothes or the high chair! And when it’s time to clean the bib, all you have to do is rinse it off in the sink with a sponge and some soap. I just love them. Target bibs can be found here.


I’ve been wearing this brand of shoe for years and years now, I even wear them in the house. I bought a cheapie pair to wear inside the house only. The reason I wear them inside the house is because I have plantars faciitis in my one foot, and these shoes are the only kind that doesn’t hurt my foot. I have about four or five pairs of these shoes, they are the best! Shoe can be found here.


I’ve just recently started using this tumbler, and it’s ginormous. I have the 40 ounce one but thinking I might need to downsize to the one below this size. I have the pink colored one, which doesn’t seem to be an option right now. I mainly drink my water in this tumbler, but it’s so big and heavy. I mainly wanted a larger water bottle to fit in the car cup holders, which it does fit, but again it’s just so huge! Tumbler can be found here.


For our movie night last week (Pinocchio), we tried these chocolate covered marshmallows and they were so good! They come in a tiny bag, and aren’t the cheapest but nowadays what is right? Even picky eater Hadley liked them. Something different for a sweet treat. Marshmallows can be found here.


I’ve talked about this on my Instagram stories a little bit, but we just recently joined Kroger Boost and loving it! We’ve already used the service five times in two months, and only have to use it one more time to get our money’s worth! The membership is for an entire year. It’s so awesome. I love having groceries delivered, makes grocery shopping with a baby a thousand times easier! Find out more here.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.

As always, thanks for reading!

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