Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Dentist office, Senior night, soccer scrimmage, and a Bengals game.

Monday October 10
Hadley went to bed the night before and lost her other front tooth! I snapped a photo before she hopped out of the car for school. The tooth fairy brought her $1! After I dropped off Hadley, I headed to my dentist to finish my root canal. Ugh. I felt like he drilled more this time than the last visit. It still wasn’t bad though; my dentist is pretty awesome. Afterwards, I stopped at Starbucks to get my favorite iced chai tea latte for the way home. When I got home, I went through my office a little bit and did some throwing away. Found some old notes on my blog from previous years. I try to feed Huxley his baby food in different spots in the house, to get him used to eating in different environments. We sat by the living room window, and watched Kevin cut the grass. Huxley watched him almost the entire time we sat there and ate so good! When Hadley got home from school, we did homework in the garage. I always try to do homework with her in different spots too.

Tuesday October 11
Tuesday was a busy afternoon / evening! We went to Natalie’s JV volleyball game at 5pm, and then Brady had Senior night for soccer that was supposed to start at 6:30pm but didn’t start until 7:00/7:30pm or so. We got to walk out on the field with Brady for his Senior night, it was fun to be there for him! He’s so good at soccer! We stayed for as long as Huxley let us pretty much, the ride home wasn’t fun because he basically cried almost the entire way. It was way past his bedtime, and he was completely off his schedule, but it all worked out, just a little stressful in the moment.

Wednesday October 12
Still going on the workout train, in the mornings are my best time. Either right after we drop off Hadley to school, or during his morning nap. Took Huxley outside in the stroller while I blew some leaves in the backyard. When Hadley got home from school, she had a little Halloween surprise from her Aunt/Godmother Amy! She loves those little melting bead things. No soccer practice this night, so we went out to eat at one of our favorite places Cancun! We figured out if Hadley sits by Huxley in his seat, he’s super super happy the majority of the time. She’s the best.

Thursday October 13
Organized and cleaned out the fridge, it always looks so good after a good clean out. I want to try to do this once a month if I can remember among many other things! Kevin came home with beautiful flowers just because! ♥ Spruced up the front porch a little bit, it looks very fall like now. Hadley had a scrimmage against her other school team, they lost but the other team put a good run for them. Kevin was at the monthly union meeting for the fire department, lots of hot topics being discussed.

Friday October 14
Huxley is a huge fan of the vacuum; he loves to follow it around the house as I’m doing it. My Dad made a surprise visit and brought the kids some Halloween goodies and visited for a while. And Hadleys reaction to our Friday night movie night, this week she didn’t know what the movie was and loved being surprised by the themed snacks!

Saturday October 15
Another workout, another day. Spent a good chunk of the morning trying to bake my first pie, while Hadley was with her friend at her big sisters volleyball tournament. Let me just say, it’s not easy to bake a pie from scratch while having a baby home. Kevin was sleeping most of the morning so he could be rested for a pumpkin patch later on. We debated on going to the pumpkin patch because we thought they closed earlier than they did. So, we ventured out, and I’m glad we did. It was super small, but fun. We knocked a few things off our Fall Bucket List too. Pumpkin patch, hayride, and bake a pie!

Sunday October 16
Another item checked off our Fall bucket list was have a Bengals party! It wasn’t really a party party, just had some people over so I guess you could call it a party haha It was a good time!

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week!

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  1. That sounds like such a wonderful week! I find the worst part about the apple pies is peeling the apples.. but an apple peeler/ slicer/ corer helps cut down a bit on the work. We typically set aside a day for pie making and I wrangle my teens into helping so we whip up 3 pies; one to eat right away and then we freeze the other two so we have 1 for Thanksgiving and 1 for Christmas. The pumpkin patch looks like it was a hit!

    • I agree about the peeling of the apples, very time consuming but something I’ve been wanting to do! Glad I did it and it tasted pretty good! haha Nice you have the teenagers to help with the pies!

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