Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Halloween, a scavenger hunt, crib mattress, and out to eat.

Monday October 31
We started off our Halloween by carving the pumpkins. Better late than never, but we carved them. Kevin tried the new trend of using a blender to get all the guts out, but it didn’t work all that well. But he did use a drill to cut out the shapes in the pumpkins and that worked out great! Made Hadley some mummy hotdogs for lunch, she wasn’t a fan, but they looked super cute! Hadley was Mirabel from the movie Encanto, I tried so hard to get her to wear a wig, but she didn’t want to. Huxley was a fire chief in training. We went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, it was crowded this year, like people drove into our neighborhood to trick-or-treat! Hadley sorted through her candy, she changed clothes, and then we went over to the neighbors to sit on their driveway with them for a little bit. It was a fun Halloween!

Tuesday November 1
Hadley was off school Monday and Tuesday, so after a few hours of Netflix watching I decided to think of something to get her off the couch. We went outside and did a scavenger hunt; you can read more about these activities here.

Wednesday November 2
Little Huxley figured out how to pull himself up on the step that goes into our kitchen, so now he does it every single time. We used to call the family room our giant playpen because he was sort of stuck in there, but now he can climb up on this step, so we have to get a gate ASAP. After school pickup, Hadley went with me to run an errand and we got Starbucks on the way home. I figured I’d surprise her because she always hates to go places after school, she’d rather go home and change first.

Thursday November 3
I got up early before the kids and did a quick workout in my room, I think this was the day it had been like three days since I had done any sort of movement. I had to do something. Sometimes Hadley will take a shower right after school, depends if she felt super sweaty from school or just wants a break before she starts homework. Some days we’ll do homework out in the garage, we have one of those mini kid tables still from when she was little. It helps to do homework in different places some days. When Huxley took his short little catnap, she loved to read this Extreme Animal Rumble book, it was about guessing which animal would win in a fight and they gave different details and facts about each animal. It was cute.

Friday November 4
Friday morning, Huxley and I headed to Childrens Hospital for a blood draw for him, he is in a research study that requires him to give blood every few months. I always always get lost here, the parking lot is huge, and I always end up coming into an entrance that is nowhere near where I need to be. Well, this one time I did not get lost, so I was super excited! Sometimes Hadley loves to hop into Huxleys crib when he wakes up from his naps, this was his short catnap he sometimes takes around dinner time. For bath time, I tried making his hair into a mohawk as it’s slowly growing. And then our Friday night movie night, was a super cute movie, Coco!

Saturday November 5
Huxley is standing up in his crib now, so Kevin lowered the mattress to the lowest level already! I have this weird feeling that he might be the kid that climbs out of bed at night! We went out for dinner and Huxley was so good eating his baby food in the highchair. He was so content with all the commotion around him. After dinner, we stopped by our old house and saw our old neighbor. It was good to see them and catch up for a few minutes. On our way home, Kevin and Huxley got out and Hadley and I went to Graeters. Huxley was a tad cranky, because it was bath/bedtime. Hadley was in heaven; she loves random surprises especially when she thought we were all going home.

Sunday November 6
Huxley tries to climb on everything now, it’s so funny, but so scary with the tile and hardwood flooring! He’s bonked his head a few times already. This last week, Huxley has been pulling at his one ear so I think we might head to the doc this next week and see if it’s an ear infection or just hurting from teething. Hadley will sit and watch the entire Bengals game with me, I just love it. After the football game, we went out to the garage to feed Huxley his baby food and Hadley did some reading. She’s trying to meet her accelerated reader goal this week!

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a great week!

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  1. Aw, that sounds like a fabulous week and I hope you have another fabulous one this week! Good for your for not getting lost at the hospital; I always do and usually have to stop and ask for directions at least twice.

  2. What a super fun week! Your kids are sooo cute! So happy you got in a workout! I’m two weeks without a workout and I can feel my energy just being drained. Yay for Huxley doing a good job in the high chair at dinner – that’s always a win!

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