Friday Favorites – Bad Guys the movie, baking mats, soap, baby food, and a book.

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Here are my favorites this week.

This movie came out earlier this month on Netflix, and Hadley has been watching it on repeat. I’ve seen parts of it here and there when she’s watching it, it’s pretty cute and seems to be really popular. The movie is rated #2 on Netflix right now! The movie can be found here.

I have these baking mats in my Amazon cart! I have a really old one from the Martha Stewart line that I still use to this day and thought about getting a few more. They are really useful when baking cookies and can use them for lots of other things to cook. Baking mats can be found here.

I think I saw this soap on one of those Facebook ads and thought, I wonder what these smell like? Haha! Funny little soap to try for the holidays. Soaps can be found here.

I’ve been getting the Happy Baby brand of baby food for Huxley lately, and he just loves them! I don’t normally buy organic, but this one just happens to be organic and he’s a fan. Pouches can be found here.

Another item I have in my Amazon cart is this Thanksgiving book for Hadley. It’s a little under her reading level, but it’s a cute festive book for the holiday. We love Amelia Bedelia books! Book can be found here.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And thanks for reading!

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