Movie Night – Coco

Last week’s movie night was Coco! At first, I wasn’t into this one at all but after Hadley watched it a second time the next night it was super cute! Here’s how it went with all the snacks!

I printed off a few fun signs and taped them to the cabinets in the kitchen.

The snacks were super low key, there wasn’t many snacks that related to this movie that Hadley would like. The only thing semi-related would be the queso cheese and chips! Everything else I just tossed on the tray from our pantry. Doritos, Pokémon fruit snacks, and rice krispies treats.

The drink was one of Hadleys favorites, raspberry lemonade.

We’ve started to love Friday night movie nights! Hadley always comes home from school super excited to find out what movie it is! I love creating these memories with her. I hope she looks back on her childhood and just smiles when she thinks of all the movie nights we had!

*Spoiler alert – I really hope the afterlife is one big party like this movie! It’s soo cute!

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