9 months of Huxley.

Eating like a champ, tries all the food we eat and hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like yet.
Loves toast and eggs for breakfast.
Still in size 4 diapers.
Clothes are ranging from 12 months to 18 months.
Pulls himself up on everything, the stairs, the vacuum, the garbage can, almost anything that is taller than him he wants to climb and stand up.
Crawls on all fours sometimes, but still likes to do the army crawl.
One big tooth on the bottom, and three other teeth pushing through the gums as we speak.
Survived the time change like a champ.
Thought he had an ear infection, turns out he just figured out he has ears.
Had his first cold, congested, runny nose, the works, and pushing through it.
Even being a little sickie, he has still slept so well! It’s been amazing.
After his last bottle before bed, he’ll look over at his books like he’s ready to read before bed.
Measuring off the charts in height, the doc literally said greater than 99% in height.
Weighs 22.6 pounds.

My little nine-month-old, we love you so much.

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