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Monday November 14
Huxley loves him some toast and eggs! More toast than eggs, but we’re still giving them to him. I’ve been loving the big Stanley tumbler, but find that the lid is always so hard to get off and on! Hadley has been on a huge reading kick lately, and all we do is praise her every time. She will randomly ask if she can read to us, and the answer will always be yes! Yes, sweet girl, read away! Kevin was giving Huxley a bath and putting him to bed, and Hadley and I played a few games of Uno. She’s the Uno queen!

Tuesday November 15
Had an appointment to get my hair done, and at the last-minute Kevin made an appointment at the Little Clinic because he wasn’t feeling the greatest. So, the kids had to come with me for a few minutes at the hair salon, and then he picked them up. I can’t imagine having little Huxley with me getting my hair done. After my hair appointment, we went out to dinner since it was still fairly early. Huxley has started to sit in the highchair at restaurants!

Wednesday November 16
Woke up feeling kind of icky, so I made an appointment for the Little Clinic after school got out. I tested negative for the flu and strep, it was just a viral infection. So many illnesses are going around it’s crazy! I did not feel so hot, so I laid on the floor while Hadley did her homework next to me.

Thursday November 17
Huxley just loves to crawl the very edge of the kitchen step; it makes me so nervous! We still haven’t gotten a gate yet; they are like almost $100! I just can’t see spending that much, so I need to just make the trip to Once Upon a Child and look for something that will work for the short time, we’ll need it. Started working on Hadley’s birthday party!

Friday November 18
Huxley woke up feeling a little sick himself, I swear it’s going through all of us right now. Nothing major, like no fevers or anything just a runny nose and congested. Made little party hats for part of Hadleys birthday party decor. Kevin and I took turns with Huxley laying on us, he slept so much better being elevated than flat in his bed.

Saturday November 19
Huxley woke up with little red cheeks, he didn’t have a fever because like a crazy lady I kept taking it all day. I guess he just gets red cheeks when he doesn’t feel so hot. But even with not feeling so good, the kid still sleeps amazing thank you lord! Friday night is when he had a little trouble falling asleep, but once he fell asleep on us and we put him in his crib he was good. Hadley cleaned her room without complaining! And then, after I scoped out her clean room, she asked to read me a book! I hope she continues to have a love for reading!

Sunday November 20
Sunday was birthday party day! You can read more about Hadleys birthday in this post, but we celebrated it with eight of her friends from school. Hadley had a great birthday, celebrating with her little girlfriends!

Have a great rest of the week, and as always thanks for reading!

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