Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! A birthday, Thanksgiving, and the tree!

Monday November 21
Started off the morning by wrapping Hadleys entire lunch in birthday wrapping paper for her birthday! And then took a photo of her next to her ruler that we measured her on, she grew 3 inches in a year! She was excited to be out of uniform for two days before Thanksgiving break. After we dropped off Hadley to school, Huxley had his nine-month checkup. It’s funny that we didn’t realize it at first, but Hadley was born on the 21st, and so was Huxley, just different months! Pretty cool. He is measuring off the charts with height, the doc literally said greater than 99%. After school, Hadley loves to do her homework right off the bat. So, she chose to read on the couch to Kevin for a little bit. After she finished her homework, I had a little scavenger hunt planned. Super easy, and the gift at the end was a $5 clearance item from Kroger! For dinner, it was Hadleys choice, and she chose Longhorn Steakhouse. Super surprised she didn’t choose Cancun, her most favorite place, but she said she wanted something different for tonight. After we got home from dinner, I had like two small presents for her to open on her actual birthday. She was excited for her Bengals cup; she calls it her mini Burrow.

Tuesday November 22
I woke up early before everyone else and did a workout in our bedroom. I really need to try and do this every day, it helps with the mood for the rest of the day!

Wednesday November 23
We headed to the lake a day early for Thanksgiving, since Kevin had to work this year. Hadley and her showers, and Huxley loves to lean on the glass and tries to touch the water. Kevin thought it was a good idea to sit in the rocks with Huxley and let him play, after he almost ate a few rocks, it was time to get up lol Hadley was playing with her new birthday gift from her aunt and uncle, the bop it!

Thursday November 24
Thanksgiving Day! It was a little weird being at the lake without Kevin, but it was good! Huxley was a little over stimulated with everyone, there were lots of people he didn’t know. All the food tasted good, and it was good to see some of Kevins extended family.

Friday November 25
We had a lazy black Friday! Hadley pretty much Netflix and chilled all day, while I took down the fall decor and started getting out all the Christmas decorations.

Saturday November 26
Kevin worked a 48-hour shift, sometimes when he comes home in the mornings he’ll hang out with the kids for a few minutes before he heads to bed. After a few days of not doing any exercise, I did a quick YouTube video in the family room with Hadley watching a show on Netflix, and Huxley sleeping. Hadleys grandparents took her to see a movie and shopping for her birthday this year. They did the same thing last year, and she loved it, so she requested it this year again. Afterwards, we met them for an early dinner before Hadleys indoor soccer game.

Sunday November 27
After Kevin had some good sleep, we did all things Christmas on Sunday! We put the Christmas tree up, started decorating the front porch, put half of the house lights on the bottom level because of the weather Kevin couldn’t finish the top half, and had a Sunday steak dinner at home! After dinner, Hadley wrote out some thank you notes for her birthday. I want to teach my kids that thank you notes are still a thing to me, and it’s just nice to get a thank you note in the mail. It was a great day getting all the festive things out and ready!

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a great week!

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  1. That sounds like a fabulous week! I loved seeing all the family photos on Thanksgiving. We don’t much of a crowd for the holidays anymore as more and more people seem to keep moving away each year. This year it was just my mom, step-father, and mother in law; which was actually quite nice and relaxing.

  2. The wrapped lunch is a brilliant idea and I’m going to try and remember to do that for my kids on their birthdays! Just a little extra fun for the day 🙂 And I always feel better when I get some exercise in the mornings but man, is it hard to motivate myself to actually do it.

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