Christmas Home Tour 2022.

Welcome to our Christmas home tour for this year! I usually do most of the same decor, but some years I switch things out for something new. I’m a little obsessed with red/black buffalo plaid! I don’t know if it’s going out of style, or it’s been around for a while, I just love it this year!

One thing we did do totally different was the front porch, and I’m here to say I love it! I’d love to add more, but for now it’s more than the usual front door wreath we put up. We added garland around the door frame, entryway trees, new porch mat, and Merry Christmas banners that hang in the windows. I think the entryway trees need to be moved over a smidge so you can actually see the signs, but Kevin thinks they look fine. I’d also love to add something in the far-right corner to cover up all the cords, but when it’s dark outside you can’t really see the cords so it’s fine.

As you come in the front door, I added a new rug with the red truck and buffalo plaid! And a big red bow on the back on the door. A new Merry Christmas sign that goes on the side wall next to the hall coat closet, and garland that goes up the short banister with red truck ribbon, and red truck lights. And a fake mistletoe with a sign that says “you know what to do” as you walk into the dining room. Growing my up, my Grandma June always had a mistletoe hanging in the middle of the dining room, so I’ve always wanted to have something similar in our own home. It’s even on our Christmas Bucket List this year, to catch Mom and Dad under the mistletoe!

The main bathroom downstairs, I have a red Christmas tree that is actually broken, it needs to be super glued together but for now it is standing up by the wall. And I have that Poo-Pourri spray for the Christmas season.

As you head into the kitchen, we have a corner cabinet that I fill things with as decor. Every year I usually put something different inside the cabinet. Hadley made an advent calendar poster; we always tape her artwork that pertains to the season on the kitchen window where we sit at the most. Above the kitchen sink, I have a Christmas tree candle I got from Target years ago, along with mini Christmas trees, a wooden Christmas tree with lights that my Grandpa Vince made. New this year, we bought Christmas tree mats for the kitchen which are buffalo plaid! haha I just love it. And we’ve always put the Christmas cards we get on the basement door, and we put them in order in which we receive them, so they are all random!

The best part of the mantle this year is Huxley has his own stocking! I was wondering if we would find the same one, but after a little bit of searching online I cannot believe I found the exact same one as all of ours! I ordered them after Hadley was born like eight years ago at Walmart! And luckily, found the same kind on Amazon that personalized it and everything. So now we are all matching, and the most funniest part, is Hadley is super excited not to be last on the mantle anymore! Another handmade wooden Christmas tree is on the side table by the couch.

In the living room is where we have the tree! I have a few different holiday tablecloths for our main table in here. When it gets closer to Christmas is when I have place settings, cups, and all that.

And finally, the outside! For the last three out of the four years, we have put lights on the outside of our house and we just love it! We love colored lights, and Kevin does such a great job. He spaces them out, and it doesn’t take him long at all. Just a little help with holding the ladders, and it’s quick! I do wish the porch lights were colored to match the house lights, but oh well, it’s still all festive and fun!

And that’s it! Thanks for checking out our Christmas decor!

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