10 best essentials for babys first cold.

The first time your baby gets sick can be nerve racking. During the cold and flu season, is when all the bugs and germs are spreading like wildfire. It’s almost impossible to keep your kiddos from getting sick, it is inevitable unless you live in a bubble! Sometimes I feel like the more I clean, the more everyone gets sick. All you can do is wash your hands, have your kids wash their hands, and let nature take it’s course.

My nine-month-old son had his first cold last month, and after dealing with a sick baby for the second time after my daughter, I have a few tips that might help you for your child. I would hope most of these tips would be super obvious, but you never know these days, right?

These are the items that I used the most with my infant son. When your kid is sick, it takes lots of work and lots of repetitiveness to get them on the path to feeling better. These 10 things are what worked best for me!

  1. Humidifier – We would refill the humidifier up every morning and turn it on for every nap, and for bedtime. We still are using this even when he is not sick. It can only help during the dry winter months. Item found here.
  2. Frida Baby Breathe Easy Kit – this kit was the best thing I’ve ever ordered for a sick kiddo. It came with nose wipes, chest balm, and essential oil. I did not use the oil but used the nose wipes and chest balm every time he went to sleep and every time he woke up. I even used the nose wipes on myself a few times, and they were amazing! Item found here.
  3. Frida Baby Saline Spray – this is a basic saline spray to spray up your babys nose to help loosen up the boogers, so they come out! I also used this before and after each nap/sleep. Item found here.
  4. Infant Tylenol – we used Tylenol for about two weeks or so and would alternate between Infant Motrin. Item found here.
  5. Infant Motrin – just like the Tylenol, we used this for about two weeks or so and would alternate between Infant Tylenol. Item found here.
  6. Thermometer – we have two forehead digital thermometers and would use them multiple times a day. Thankfully, his fever never got over 100 degrees, so I knew it was just a bad cold. Item found here and here.
  7. Warm baths – this is a given but giving your baby warm / slightly hot baths every night when they aren’t feeling well helps to loosen up all the guck before they go to bed.
  8. Heater – we have a very old version of the tiny space heaters in Huxleys room, we turn it on before bath, and then turn it off after he’s done with his nighttime bottle. His room gets super cold from where it is in the house, right over the garage! Item found here.
  9. Soft Kleenex – poor guy had his nose running constantly, so I used the soft Kleenex brand and tried to wipe his nose as soft as I could to get all the snot from his nose. Item found here.
  10. Nose sucker – we use the one they give you from the hospital! I’ve always thought those are the best ones! I know Frida Baby has the ones that you literally suck it out of the kids’ nose, but I swear by the old school nose suckers as I call them. They work great for us! Item found here.

Germs are out there, and we as Moms do our best to keep our little babes protected against them. But we can’t live in a bubble, so I hope these simple tips can help you if your little babe gets sick. It’s always tough seeing the little babies sick at such a young age, but it’s inevitable to happen, just have to be prepared!

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