Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! First week of the new year, Father/Daughter night, and another Christmas!

Monday January 2
A few more days of Christmas break, we just love having Hadley home with us. She is the best with Huxley, such a big help! Started giving Huxley cheese with his eggs, and he loves it! Instead of the traditional father/daughter dance, Hadleys school had a night out instead. They went to a place that had all kinds of things to do, bumper cars, rock climbing, etc. I think all of the girls and dads enjoyed it much more than a dance!

Tuesday January 3
Put all of the Christmas stuff away, it’s a chore getting all the bins out and putting the Christmas in the back of the storage closet. Hadley was in bed early, had to get a good night sleep for school the next day.

Wednesday January 4
Back to school for the new year! And back to waking up Huxley for his nap before picking up Hadley at school. He was a little spoiled over Christmas break, taking longer naps, and all of that. After homework, we went outside for a short time to try out the electric scooter she got for Christmas. And early to bed, and out like a light.

Thursday January 5
Huxley tried ravioli for the first time and was a fan. I however was not a fan of the mess. Hadley is learning cursive in school, and she is already trying to write her name.

Friday January 6
After school, went to Kroger to get some groceries and it was Huxleys first time in the grocery cart. He was so content he didn’t say a word.

Saturday January 7
We had Kevins family over to celebrate Christmas, and to watch the Bengals play the Ravens. We had already taken down our Christmas decorations, and I had bought some outdoor decorations (on clearance for next year), that had arrived the day before, so we set them up on our little bench to add some Christmas cheer! We had some snacks, chili, and cookies for some sweets. And we ended the weekend with a Bengals win! Who Dey!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And thanks for reading!

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  1. That sounds like a lovely fairly low-key week. I was so happy that our first week back to school/work was mostly uneventful too as we were all so tired re-adjusting to our old schedule and not getting to sleep in anymore.

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