Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Valentines Day hearts, workouts, dinners, and bowling.

Monday February 6
Hadley is loving the hearts on her door every morning! It’s a constant struggle to figure out what to feed Huxley, let alone everyone else in the family! We typically do eggs and toast or a waffle for breakfast, and sometimes will add in yogurt. He’s been liking the pouches of yogurt. Continuing on the workout train, I’m loving the YouTube video workouts. We finally took down our Christmas lights, it’s been so cold and I don’t blame Kevin for not doing it. Hadley was outside helping Kevin take the light holders off of each light bulb, and Huxley was more interested in eating the light holder. He sat in the little green chair and didn’t try to get up or anything. I think he’s going to love being outside just like Hadley. For dinner, I made a recipe from Rachel Ray called chicken tournedos and brandy home fries, and oh my goodness it was so good! Recipe can be found here.

Tuesday February 7
Made homemade calzones for dinner, they were just okay. I googled LaRosa’s calzone recipe and found one here. Next time I think we’ll just use pizza dough you buy at the grocery store, and then add your own fillings/toppings.

Wednesday February 8
I’m still obsessed with watching the Murdaugh trial, and this day they had a bomb threat! This case is just crazy. For dinner, I made bagel bites, they were more like a snack instead of a meal but they were still good! Recipe can be found here.

Thursday February 9
Every morning while Hadley gets ready for school, Huxley is always right there wanting to know what she’s doing. Kevin found Hadley a catchers helmet on one of those bidding sits, it was originally $300 and he got it for $45, brand new still in the box! I found a new yogurt that is so good, it’s by ratio! Sometimes we’ll go outside and Hadley will read to us, change of scenery change of pace, that sort of thing. It was a little chilly, so I threw on a vest for Huxley.

Friday February 10
Barely took any photos this day, Hadley went over to a friends house after school and Kevin reffed some basketball games.

Saturday February 11
Had a Kroger boost delivery early in the morning, just love that! And most nights, I do try to clean up the kitchen because it’s so nice to have a clean space in the mornings.

Sunday February 12
Went bowling together, but missing Kevin. He had to ref some basketball games. Hadley had a friend come over for a little bit before the Super Bowl. We ordered pizza, and I made some pistachio bread because it was green. We were rooting for the Eagles. It was a bummer watching the Super Bowl after the Bengals lost.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And thanks for reading!

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