Huxleys 1st Birthday Invites.

If you don’t know by now, I love to make anything with paper! Invitations, thank you notes, signs, even made my own wedding invitations! Here are the invites for my sons first birthday!

We are having a Home Depot theme! I cleared out our address and phone number for privacy reasons, but here is the invite! I even created a QR code for his wish list. I was so excited I figured it out, and it was really easy. If you are interested in learning more about QR codes, maybe I can write up a post about it.

I ordered orange envelopes off of Amazon, and used a black/white striped washi tape that I already had on hand for the back. I love using washi tape on envelopes, it gives it an extra touch don’t you think?

When you click on the QR code on the invite, it opens up on your cell phone and this is what comes up! I created a wish list for Huxley for people to decide what they’d like to get him. Personally, I’d prefer money for his account because he’s only one years old and will not remember anything he gets. Kevin and I are going to get him a few small things, but nothing crazy because he outgrows things so fast. Having a list, lets people decide what they’d like to get him and still gives a pretty open range for them to pick something.

We are excited to celebrate our little Huxley man this weekend! He turns one next week, but are celebrating this weekend. Home Depot style.

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