Huxley is 1.

Our Huxley Beau is one year old today. One year old. We did it dude. We survived your first year on earth. I think I spent hours looking at all the photos I’ve taken on my phone, and reminiscing to those first few weeks we brought you home. Those are the hardest times, but also the fastest times. It feels like forever when you’re in the midst of it all, but then it’s all over in a blink. And here we are, an entire year later.

Huxley is a lot more self-sufficient now, as I pull him in, when he cuddles up and needs me. Because truth is, he just doesn’t need me as much as he did a year ago. He’s always on the move, exploring, learning. Not just lying on my chest, as I sit pinned to the couch. He’s doing everything he’s supposed to do, and everything we taught him.

We are going to celebrate this weekend, and with all the balloons and big feelings, all the strolls down memory lane and birthday cake, I’m not going to forget to celebrate myself too. As a Mom, what we do the first year is worthy of it’s own smash cake, and maybe even some champagne.

So here’s to all the moms out there, cheers to you too.

And happy first birthday Huxley Beau, we love you so much.

The last twelve months, we’ve managed to put Huxley in this firefighter outfit our Aunt and Uncle gifted us. As he started getting bigger, it became more and more comical trying to fit him in the outfit. So the last few months are too funny, blurry photos and all. I could care less about getting the perfect photo, or hiring a photographer to take photos, these are real life memories and that’s what I want to remember. I love seeing the different facial expressions for each month!

With all the monthly firefighter photos, it would make sense to do a firefighter themed birthday for the first one but we are going a different route. I figured this kid is going to have the firefighter thing his whole life, with this dad being a firefighter and all, so I thought I’d wait awhile on that until he can choose for himself!

We are celebrating this weekend, Home Depot style! Stay tuned for more details on the party!

Happy first birthday my sweet boy!

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