Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Valentines Day, fresh air walk, birthday planning, and a sickness.

Monday February 13
Huxley loves to play with Hadleys toys, it looks like a pole but it actually has an attachment that is a mop. We leave the mop part off and he just plays with the pole all over the place. It’s hilarious to watch. When Hadley got home from school, Kevin had a surprise waiting for her. He bought her a catchers helmet! The helmet was brand new in the box, originally $300 something bucks, and he got it for $40! It’s a bidding site called Bidfta, if you haven’t heard of it check it out here. We celebrated Valentines Day early due to Kevin’s work schedule. While I cooked dinner, Kevin took the kids on a short walk since it was nice outside and to get some fresh air.

Tuesday February 14
Put the last heart on Hadleys door! She loved them, and this is something I’ll definately be doing every year. Fourteen hearts full of reasons why we love her. I posted Huxleys first birthday invites this week, and thank you all for the kind comments on Instagram!

Wednesday February 15
Started to get out the birthday party things, and organize them and start getting everything ready. Took a walk on the trail when Hadley got out of school. It was soo nice out, and Hadley took the lazy route and brought her electric scooter.

Thursday February 16
Today is when I started to feel not so hot, I still managed to move my body a little bit but took it easy the rest of the day. It’s so hard when you don’t feel good, to still take care of your baby. I stayed my distance, and tried not to breath on anyone! Organized and stocked up on wipes and diapers, it’s much less stressful having more than enough than constantly running out of things.

Friday February 17
In the morning, I slowly tried to organize underneath the kitchen sink with those clear bins I bought a few weeks ago but they wouldn’t fit! I’m terrible with figuring out if things will fit or not, I just eyeball it. Unfortunately, we had to postpone the birthday party due to Kevin getting sick, and then I got sick. Luckily, I did not feel nearly as bad as Kevin did. I’m much much better now thank goodness, it was just a virus that had to run it’s course. The Murdaugh trial, good lord it’s insane! They showed an indepth timeline of Alex Murdaughs cell phone records, which pretty much shows him at the scene of the crimes! I’m obsessed. Love getting pictures of Hadley at school. Due to not feeling the best, I kept Huxley in his jammies all day it’s just easier somedays.

Saturday February 18
Girl scout cookies came in, and I wonder how many I can NOT eat??? And, the size of the boxes have shrunk! Goodness they are so small now. Kevin was finally able to go to an indoor soccer game this session, and Huxley was loving it too.

Sunday February 19
Hadley had her first basketball game. It’s rough to watch at this age, I know they are just learning. Kevin is coaching, and it’s always interesting to hear some of the parents comment on plays and things. It’s second grade, instructional basketball people! After basketball, Hadley went with Kevin to the games he reffed. It cracks me up how she loves to go with him. Huxley and I went outside for awhile, and then put him in the back of my car with the trunk opened, and he loved it. It was like a giant playpen! Huxley had ravioli for dinner and he’s a fan. After Hadley got home, she had to ice her scrape she got from falling in the gym. We watched American Idol, and then headed to bed.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And thanks for reading!

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  1. So sorry you had to postpone the party but glad you’re feeling better now. I feel like Girl Scout cookies boxes get smaller and smaller with fewer cookies in the box each year.. I mean I get that it’s a fun raiser and they need to make money, obviously, but I can’t help wondering how often they can keep going with them before we’re just spending $4 on 1 cookie.

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