Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Bookfair, Kroger boost, dinner with a friend, and a surprise party!

Monday March 6
Worked out in the morning in the basement, some days I switch it up. Huxley sitting on the step stool, he looks so big! After Hadley got home from school, she did some reading on the front porch and garage, while Huxley crawled around in the grass. He wants to crawl on the concrete too. While Kevin was putting Huxley to bed, Hadley and I went outside and looked at the stars and just talked. We can’t wait for warmer weather!

Tuesday March 7
Worked out in the morning, and pretty much did the usual routine. Fed Huxley, napped, picked up Hadley from school, ate dinner. Some nights after Huxley goes to bed, Hadley and I will read on the couch together. I’m not a huge reader, but I’ve been trying lately! After Hadley went to bed, I had a Kroger boost delivery. It is so convenient and easy, I love it so much! Ordered the wrong size ICE drinks, when I order online I never really pay attention to sizes and it’s quite comical. For Huxleys birthday party, I ordered 6 bags of chips thinking they were the small snack size but they were the size under the family size!

Wednesday March 8
Some mornings I try to workout before Huxley goes down for his first nap, I tend to get more done that way! Hadley wanted Huxley to stay in his firetruck pajamas all day because she thinks they are so cute. Made skillet lasagna for dinner, Huxley has been a fan of most things we make lately.

Thursday March 9
Another day another workout! I’ve been doing random YouTube ones, and love them. Ordered the third book of the Moms on Call series, book can be found here. For dinner, I met a friend at a Mexican restaurant and my drink of choice is Titos Vodka and club soda. The drink came in a mule mug! I thought that was the strangest thing!

Friday March 10
No photos were taken on Friday! Just a normal day, and we made the fried fish recipe from Babs again! It is soo good!

Saturday March 11
We threw a surprise anniversary party for my in-laws, to celebrate fifty years of marriage! They were surprised! More on the party later this week.

Sunday March 12
Hadley had her basketball game, and did really good! My parents came to watch her too! They gave me dinner in a bag for my birthday last week, and a bouquet of flowers in a mason jar, so cute!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And thanks for reading!

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9 thoughts on “Weekly recap.

  1. I am so bad at checking sizes when I order things too; with food or with household decor items! That 50th anniversary party sounds wonderful. I still remember attending my grandparent’s 50th and even what dress I wore. It is such a wonderful milestone.

  2. My parents had their 50th wedding anniversary a few years ago. It is such a special occasion! Oh, that drink from the mexican restaurant looks so good. And, congrats on keeping up with all your workouts!


  3. Aww! Huxley is a real cutie.
    Kroger boost sounds interesting. I get most of my groceries delivered and often order the wrong size of things. Oops.
    I love the workouts that I find on YouTube, especially one’s with songs I know.
    Happy anniversary to your in-laws. How lovely to have a party.

  4. What a lovely weekend you had! I love that you threw your in-laws a surprise party. They look so cute in their picture 🙂

    At the risk of how weird this sounds, I grew up in Cincinnati and played basketball through CYO and I swear that gym looks familiar– hah! You’re in Cincinnati right? Anyway, small world!

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