Surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary.

We threw a surprise wedding anniversary party for my mother-in-law, and father-in-law this past weekend. The party turned out so well, and the best part was they were surprised! We did it!

One of the things that took some time and planning was making a sign that says “We Love You” with all the grandkids holding up a letter in the photo. It was the main focal point on the wall!

As you walked into our house, we had some balloons, a sign, and a chalkboard on the front porch. And, as I was uploading these photos I noticed my husband in the window, probably sticking his tongue out! haha

In our main living room, we had tables set up like a legit hall. Black tablecloths, and little mason jars with flowers. We didn’t have anything major on the bar cart this time, so we had all the coolers set up on the floor. One cooler for water, one for pop, and one for beer.

As you walk further into the living room / office area, we had another table and the sweets / cake table. We had cake, brownies, pistachio bread, cookies, cashews, and M&M’s.

We had fried chicken, green beans, mac & cheese, and rolls. You can see on the wall above the bar cart, I made this newsletter type document that has everything popular the year they got married. It was fun to see all the news and things for that year.

I made vanilla vodka cherries, and bourbon cream shots. So so good. They put a good dent in the cake too!

We played a game called “The Not-So Newlywed Game” and it was so funny! My father-in-law only had one wrong, I think the score was 8-7 with my mother-in-law winning.

Happy 50th wedding anniversary!

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