Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Workouts, yoga, NCAA brackets, and St. Patrick’s Day!

Monday March 13
Worked out in the morning with little Huxley man. He’s been so good while I workout in the mornings before he goes to sleep! I should say most mornings, sometimes it’s impossible and I have to do it while he sleeps. Some people think that posting a photo of yourself working out is weird, for me, it helps me keep myself accountable. After every workout, I put a sticker in my planner to show that I did some type of movement that day. It’s one habit that I’m so glad I’ve kept up! We had breakfast for dinner, Hadley seems to love it and always eats the eggs more so than normal.

Tuesday March 14
Made Huxley a mini pizza for lunch, it was two tortillas, LaRosa’s sauce, mozzarella cheese, and mini pepperoni’s. He seemed to like it, and it doubled as my lunch too since I knew he wouldn’t eat it all. For dinner, we went out to eat at Cancun and brought along our busy baby mat, we tied his sippy cup to it which was amazing! It never fell to the floor!

Wednesday March 15
This morning I did a very short yoga workout on the Nike app, I’ve been feeling really tight in my neck and shoulders and this felt amazing. I need to do more of it, and longer periods of time. Once a month I volunteer for lunch at Hadleys school, she just loves it! And I love seeing her and all her friends. Late soccer game that was from a makeup game, it was just Hadley and I since Kevin stayed home with Huxley. And, a very happy 40th birthday to my little brother! Cannot believe he’s 40! Time is going so so fast.

Thursday March 16
Hadley was off school Thursday and Friday this week, it’s like a short spring break. We filled out brackets for the NCAA tourney, and just like the rest of the world, our bracket is shot. Love it that Hadley wanted to fill one out though! Kevin and I have always done a bet where the loser cooks the winner dinner. Hadley went to her friends big sisters softball scrimmage, and Huxley and I went to Kroger, spatula and all! LOL

Friday March 17
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We started out the day with trying to measure Huxley on the ruler in his room. Didn’t really work. Gave him eggs, and colored them green. I don’t know if it was the color, but he barely ate them. Worked out, and then Miss Hadley woke up! I made her four leaf clover cinnamon rolls, and put some green food coloring in the icing, they turned out pretty good! Hadley got some shamrock glasses at the store, and she loved trying them on Huxley. I love to make a simple holiday fun! Hadley put some festive stickers on the windows, we used the flowers that are still alive and kicking from the surprise 50th wedding anniversary, made shamrock shakes, cupcakes from Kroger, and mint oreos. It was a fun day!

Saturday March 18
Kevin had three basketball games to ref in the morning, and Hadley went with him! For lunch, Huxley had his first Skyline chili! He was a fan! Hadley had an indoor soccer game, and then a friends birthday party afterwards! Busy day.

Sunday March 19
Huxley running towards the camera after my workout! Hadley had a basketball game, and the big kids came over. Brady helped Kev coach the girls since the other Dad was out of town. And then after the game, we made dinner and Kevin and Brady started messing around with each other and Brady got on Kevin’s shoulders! What is it with boys and wrestling around? haha

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And thanks for reading!

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