Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! New car seat, First Reconciliation, lunch duty, hair trial, First Communion and more!

Monday April 17
Huxley has eggs just about every morning for breakfast, sometimes he eats every ounce and other times he’ll barely eat it. Babies are hard to read when they eat. Worked out in the morning before nap time, Huxley was on the floor staring at the phone so you can’t see him. Later on in the day, went to Kroger and he’s started lifting up the blanket I use to cover him up when it’s cold. Huxleys new summer hat came in and it fits perfect! These hats are great, you can get them wet, and loosen and/or tighten to fit their little head. When Hadley gets home from school, she is seriously an angel. She will play with Huxley and entertain him so much, it’s the best to watch.

Tuesday April 18
Just about everyday, Huxley loves to look out his window. If someone is taking a walk, or working in the yard he will watch for a long time. Worked out before nap time again! Worked on decorations for Hadleys first communion. Huxleys new car seat arrived, no more keeping him in the car seat for walks or going to the store. When Hadley got home from school, we walked to the mailbox to check the mail and to watch the workers on our street installing some sort of cable or pipe. When Hadley is home for meals, we always stick Huxley by her and he eats so much better than normal. When the workers leave for the day, they’ve been tossing their caution sign in our yard. After Huxley went to bed, we did a trial run on Hadleys hair for first communion. She loved it!

Wednesday April 19
Busy busy day! Started off working out, but barely because I had to grab little man off the stairs a few times. Worked lunch duty and had to bring Huxley with me, he was a little crazy man. Walking all over the place, climbing on the tables, just all over the place. It’s hard to keep him in the stroller at this age for long periods of time. We survived though! Ran into Meijer’s after school to find Hadley an outfit for her first reconciliation, she is not the type to get dressed up so it’s a chore to get her to wear anything semi-nice! She would rather wear shorts and a t-shirt everywhere she goes. She found a casual dress and matching shoes! She was super nervous for the reconciliation, but did a great job. Afterwards, we got some ice cream and so did half of her class!

Thursday April 20
The weather has been crazy this week, chilly, warm, and then chilly again! I can’t wait until it’s just warm! Spaghetti and meat balls for dinner. Hadley and I headed back to church for first communion practice.

Friday April 21
Hadley was excited to take Huxley to school in his big boy car seat! He looks so big in it! When Hadley gets home from school, Huxley is always in a great mood he just loves his sister! After Huxley went to bed, we watched the movie Coco and I folded laundry.

Saturday April 22
Had a terrible headache for two days straight, finally felt good to move my booty! Softball season is here, and Hadley had her first game. I got all the girls bows for their hair. Hadley is starting to play catcher, and wanted to do braids so she can take her helmet off and on and still have her hair out of her face. We tried our beach wagon for Huxley instead of the stroller, and it worked out great! He stayed inside the wagon for just about the entire game. And one of Hadleys friends sister entertained him for the majority of the game!

Sunday April 23
Our sweet Hadley made her First Communion! I will share more details about her day this week. She looked beautiful! ♥

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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    • Thank you! It was such a special day! I’m sure your daughter is getting excited too, it was so sweet to see all the kids dressed up and excited! Can’t wait to see her all dolled up on your blog!

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