Hadley’s First Communion.

Sunday morning, I was up bright and early to do all the things before First Communion, breakfast for the kids, finishing up a few last-minute things for her celebration, getting myself ready, all the things!

First Communion had its own mass on Sunday morning, right after the eleven o’clock mass which was a bit of a cluster getting the kids there early for pictures. We had three second grade classes, and some kids from the local public school all getting their First Communion together. Church was packed!

Mass was so very special, I didn’t tear up, but it was emotional watching my little Hadley receive her First Communion. She was so excited for this day! Seeing all of her friends all dolled up together, smiling, laughing, all genuinely excited for their big day.

Here are some photos from the day…

Hadley can be the easiest and worst when it comes to clothes! When she finds something she likes, it’s soo easy. Thank the good Lord this occasion was easy when it came to the outfit! I searched “First Communion dresses” on Amazon and let her pick one, ordered it, the dress arrived, she tried it on, and loved it. Then we searched “dress shoes for girls”, let her pick one, ordered it, shoes arrived, she tried them on, and loved them. Same with the crown, she knew she didn’t want a veil so I let her pick out a crown and she loved the one she picked! She loved everything the second she tried it on, and I was so incredibly happy! Hadley is not a girlie girl, meaning she doesn’t like to wear bows, and she isn’t a fan of dresses but knew she had to wear one for this occasion, so she went with it. And thank goodness, because you can see it in her smile, she was one confident young lady!

The kids had to arrive a tad early for pictures, and some of the moms and teachers shared these photos! My favorite has to be the black and white photo of the girls twirling their dresses! I love how each kiddo has their own vibe with their outfit, shoes, everything.

There she goes! Receiving her First Communion! I can’t believe she drank the wine, even after not liking it when they practiced. It’s so adorable all the kids with their little praying hands walking down the aisle at church. Hadley was a little nervous with everyone watching her, but she did great!

One reason we don’t go to church very often, is it’s very hard to keep a one-year-old who is newly walking and exploring the world, to stay sitting in a pew for an hour! Plus, we as parents don’t really get anything out of mass while wrangling a toddler around for an hour. Kevin took him in the crying room, which was so packed people were sitting on the floor in there! So, he took him in the church lobby, or whatever it’s called, and let him walk around until it was time for Hadley to receive communion. He was a trooper, especially during his nap time!

After mass, we headed outside with the rest of the people, and took a few quick photos. Both of Hadley’s grandparents, and Aunt Amy (godmother) all took photos with the communicant outside the church. It was a little chilly, and very crowded so we headed home to celebrate!

A few decorations to celebrate Miss Hadley! I made the sign for the front porch and had it printed at Walgreens. Simple white tablecloths, with some pretty spring flowers in mason jars. I painted the “God Bless Hadley” sign on kraft paper, along with the cross. We had a small charcuterie board, simple ham/turkey sandwiches, chips, and dessert.

For whatever reason, the church decided not to have the banners the kids made hanging on the pews at church. I don’t remember when they didn’t have the banners hanging on the pews for First Communion, so this was a bit of a change for everyone. They displayed the banners at school for a few days, and then sent them back home to us before the ceremony. The kids made a chalice in class with paint markers, they turned out so great! Hadley wanted to display her chalice alongside her banner for her celebration at home.

Made this poster and had it printed at Walgreens, we hung it up on the wall in the living room. Hadley loved answering some of the questions I had for her for this poster. Some of the info is removed for privacy reasons.

Enjoyed our low-key day celebrating the Communicant!

For dessert, we had cake and a mini ice cream sundae bar! We put different toppings in a muffin pan.

Hadley opening her sweet sweet gifts. She loved them! Her Grandma gave her a sheet that shows her how to say the rosary. I made her a prayer card, and she was given a few prayer cards also.

As her grandparents were leaving, Hadley wanted to show Papa all of her softball gear in her new bag. She is so excited for this season!

And just for fun, here I am for my First Communion on the left. I don’t really remember the actual day, but I do remember that veil! Hadley wasn’t a fan of my veil, gloves, or purse. I soo wish I would’ve thought to ask her if she wanted gloves, but after she saw this photo, I knew the answer would’ve been a hard no. A few of the girls in her class had on gloves and they were so darn cute! So fun to see the comparison of mother / daughter on our First Communions.

As a mom going through my daughters First Communion, I have to say I’m loving every second of it. I love watching my sweet girl grow, with her friends, in her faith, and learning who she is in this world. We are so proud of her! It was a special weekend for our girl. A big thank you to all the parents and teachers for sharing photos of all the kids. Not everyone could see their kid from where they were sitting or was able to be there for the entire morning, so much appreciated! I love this community!

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3 thoughts on “Hadley’s First Communion.

  1. 1st Communion is a special day. She looked beautiful! Her dress, shoes & flower crown were perfect! You did an amazing job per usual with all the special touches to make her day memorable. Table flowers, decorations, cake and goodie toppings for yummy sundaes. It was a great day. XOXO Mom.

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