Weekly recap.

Recapping our busy week on the blog! Batting cages, doctor appointment, Cinco de Mayo, a derby party, and more softball!

Monday May 1
Started off the week with volunteering at Hadleys school for a little bit, it was cutting stacks of paper that were laminated for the new phonics program. After school, we went to a batting cage for an hour, her and Kevin practiced hitting, catching, and throwing. She is so into softball this year, we are loving it, especially her dad! After the batting cages we went to dinner. Once we got home, Hadley wrote a few thank you notes to some of the staff at her school for Teacher Appreciation Week. Kevin and Hadley have been looking at softball reels on Instagram, it’s so cute.

Tuesday May 2
Had my annual lady doc appointment, and whenever I go anywhere that has a parking garage, I have to take a picture of the floor I park on because I will most probably get lost. I’m pretty familiar with this garage anyways, but I still take a picture! Hadleys softball practice was rained out because of wet fields, so Kevin decided to have practice at the batting cages instead. The girls loved it!

Wednesday May 3
Huxley cracks me up when I take my workout selfie, with him trying to run to the phone as the timer is going off. He loves to watch out the window, he watches for anything really. When Kevin mows the grass, he’ll literally stand there almost the entire time! Sometimes Hadley takes a shower as soon as her homework is done after school. We took a walk to our mailbox; we have a community mailbox where you have to use a key to get the mail and Hadley loves to be the one that opens the box.

Thursday May 4
Kevin had a game after dinner he umpired, Hadley loves to go with him. He will set up her chair, and she’ll watch the entire time unless she runs into friends. She took her book with her to finish reading, so she could take another AR test at school the next day.

Friday May 5
Had a smoothie for breakfast! Almond milk, spinach, greek yogurt, and strawberries. And happy Cinco de Mayo! Had my Aunt and mom over to celebrate the festive day! Kevin and Hadley had her birthday date a little early this month, so instead of going out, we stayed home and celebrated. I made homemade margaritas; they are so good. And tried a new recipe, homemade jalapeno margaritas and after trying them they were really good too! We had queso and chips, ordered Chipotle with free delivery for Cinco de Mayo only, and just hung out! It was a fun time!

Saturday May 6
Hadleys softball game, just love watching her play! I feel like I say this every week, but she has gotten soo into softball this year it’s so much fun to watch. I think she’s really starting to get the game and wants to keep learning. She wants to be the catcher, and it’s awesome. My parents came to watch, and Kevin unfortunately had to be at the firehouse for this game. Later on after Huxleys afternoon nap, we headed over to one of Hadleys friends house, they had a derby party and it was fun! We placed bets, the girls played, and Huxley had a ball with all the older high school girls.

Sunday May 7
Hadley had a softball camp in the afternoon, and because it poured down rain the whole morning, they moved the camp to the high school gym. She was a little nervous once we got there, and saw all the girls there, but she ended up being just fine. When it was over, she was super excited to tell us what she learned and was glad she did it! I’m so proud of her for going to this camp, not knowing a single person. Later on in the day, Kevin had two games to umpire, and we went to watch him for the first one. They were both at our school, and one of the games was older sisters of Hadley’s friends so she was happy to be able to play and hangout. Huxley was in heaven walking around, and having the older sister give him so much attention. We love to watch Kevin umpire, especially the older girls!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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