Friday Favorites.

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Here are the favorites this week.

This stainless-steel water bottle would be a great option for the kids school next year. I love how its stainless steel, and not too big for kids to carry around all day. Water bottle can be found here.

I saw someone on Instagram use this kitchen gadget and it looked so awesome! Slicer can be found here.

I have never seen anyone using this before, but when I saw this pop up Amazon I cracked up! It might come in handy if you have to carry groceries, or a kid, or whatever in your arms and hands. But isn’t this too funny? Holder can be found here.

A nail art pen that can fix your nails when you get a chip on them, or need to touch up a small spot. One thing is their aren’t many colors to choose from but the basic ones are available like black, pink, and white. Nail art pen can be found here.

I love scalloped anything, and this summer dress by J Crew is too cute! Dress can be found here.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And as always, thanks for reading!

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