Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! School pictures, lunch duty, softball, date night, and the Reds game!

Monday September 18
Hadley had school pictures at school, and she wanted her hair curled. I love it when she wants to curl her hair, because that is a rarity most days. So, we curled her hair, and when I was finished, she decided she didn’t like the curls and got a little upset. I straightened her hair after that, and it looked better still had some curl to it but much straighter. After we got her off to school, came back home and worked out in the family room, and did a Nike training workout on the app. When Hadley got home from school, she did her homework outside because it was so nice. Ended up killing a bee, like we usually do almost every day some weeks. The bees are so bad this year!

Tuesday September 19
Worked out in our bedroom, bright and early before it was time for the kids to wake up. After school drop off, Huxley and I stopped and got some gas. And then I had to get my fingerprints done for this part time job I’m going to be starting soon. When Hadley got home from school, she wanted me to do her hair for softball practice.

Wednesday September 20
Worked out in our bedroom again, bright and early before it was time for the kids to wake up. On the way to school, some days Hadley likes to listen to the podcast, Little Stories Everywhere. After school drop off, we got a car wash. Came home and ate breakfast. And then took a shower and let me just tell you getting ready with Huxley awake is not the easiest thing. I usually shower when he’s napping! But today, I had lunch duty at Hadley’s school. Once a month I volunteer in the cafeteria, and this year it was way easier with Huxley than last year. He basically just runs around the entire cafeteria, all the kids give him high fives, play with him, talk to him, he loved it. Later on in the day, we played outside, and Huxley ran through the sprinkler while we watered the grass.

Thursday September 21
Worked out at the walking trail, with all the construction they closed the trail at about a half a mile, so I did the trail twice to get in a little over a mile. When we got back home, sometimes I’ll just catch Huxley watching the Today Show, it’s so funny! Hadley does her homework so good after school.

Friday September 22
Wild turkeys in our backyard, while we ate breakfast. We have so many random animals in our neighborhood. Hadley had doubleheader softball games, and we had a sitter come over to watch Huxley since they get over kind of late. Hadley just loves softball!

Saturday September 23
Went to the library to pick up a book I’ve had on hold, I want to try and start reading the Colleen Hoover books. I’m starting with the first book, It Ends With Us. Had another sitter come over to watch both kids while Kevin and I had a date night with my friend from high school. We haven’t had a date night in nine months! It’s insane, but that’s my life right now. We had a good time!

Sunday September 24
We went to the last home game for the Reds! And, we didn’t even realize but it was Joey Votto’s last home game also. It was a great day for a ballgame. The kids had so much fun. Huxley did pretty good for sitting through an entire baseball game! Brady and Natalie both brought there girlf/boyf too.

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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