What’s Up Wednesday.

Happy What’s Up Wednesday! On the last Wednesday of every month, Shay and Sheaffer host a link up party of what’s going on with you right now. It’s a little food, a little family, a little what we’re wearing, a little what we’re doing, a little what we’re watching and a little bit of everything else all in one post. I thought it would be fun to join along!

Garlic chicken and potatoes was a new recipe I tried. I liked the chicken, but the potatoes were hard as a rock even though I followed the recipe. The recipe can be found here! We’ve also had steak, pizza, tacos, and pork chops.

Loving how Hadley is obsessed with softball.
Loving we celebrated the end of summer at the lake and a pool party.
Loving having movie nights.
Loving Hadley having a few off days from school due to a water main break.
Loving watching the Bengals start their season.
Loving lunch duty at Hadley’s school.
Loving having a date night after nine long months.
Loving seeing the Reds play for their last home game.
Loving grilling out at home for dinner.
Loving walking at the trail.
Loving watching Huxley hangout with a random little girl at softball practice.

At the beginning of September, Hadley’s school had a water main break and she ended up having a few days off school. I love it when she’s home with Huxley and I, she is such a big help! Had an outdoor movie night with just Hadley, Kevin, and I, the movie was Talladega Nights. Interviewed for a part time job, and I got it! Excited to see where this goes! My Mom watched Huxley for one of Hadley’s Friday night double header softball games. Worked lunch duty at Hadley’s school, and Huxley loved every second of it. Went out with one of my girlfriends on a Saturday night, it had been nine long months since Kevin and I had a date night. We need to work on that more, but it is what it is right now. He works a lot, so I’ll take it when we can make it happen. Went to the last home Reds game and had the best weather!

Sweater weather (lmao!).

I checked out a book at the library, and I’m actually enjoying it! I am NOT a reader at all, but I’ve been seeing soo much about the author Colleen Hoover, I wanted to try some of her books. I am starting with It Ends With Us and am liking it so far! I found this list of all of Colleen’s books, and I’m going to start from the beginning. I’m curious how I’ll do!

Getting excited about Fall, I guess. Haha! I’m not the biggest fan of Fall, but it’s coming whether I like it or not. Watching Hadley play in her first tournaments for softball next month, and her playing volleyball for the first time!

Finally finished Vanderpump Rules and I’m sad it’s over! And *spoiler alert* I’m soo mad at Sandoval and how he treated Ariana. I’m sort of watching Suits now, I’m on Season 2 and I just can’t totally get into it. It’s okay, but I’m getting bored and need something that I’m more interested in. Football season is here, and I’m all for it. Who Dey! We finally won our third game, so let’s hope that gives them the push they needed. And as I mentioned earlier in this post, I started reading a book!

Lots and lots of shorts and tees/tanks! I don’t really wear much of anything else. Some light jackets. Bengals gear, Notre Dame gear, and Reds gear!

Watching Hadley’s softball games and tournaments, celebrating ten years of marriage, Kevin’s birthday, and Halloween!

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