Friday Favorites.

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Here are the favorites this week.

I’ve been wanting to get these for Hadley’s dressers but haven’t yet! I fold her clothes over and over again, and they always end up just thrown all over the place. I know that’s how kids are, it just drives me crazy. I figured these dividers would at least help keep the mess a little more organized. Dividers can be found here.

I know the regular baseball season is over, but isn’t this super cute? You can wear baseball gear any time of the year, right?!?! Hoodie can be found here.

I love big bags like this! It would be perfect for weekends at the lake, a plane bag, or just going on a short road trip for a day or two. Bag can be found here.

I love backpack purses, and the colors on this one is a vibe. But it sort of looks like a diaper bag maybe? I don’t know, I currently have a diaper bag backpack for Huxley so maybe that’s why I think it looks like one. Super cute though! Backpack purse can be found here.

I thought of Hadley when I saw this duffel bag, for all her sports gear. I always feel like she has random stuff all over the place and it’s never in once place. Kids. I tell ya lol. Bag can be found here.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And as always, thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites.

  1. That is a really cute backpack purse; but it is rather large and I think that might be why it looks sort of like a diaperbag backpack.

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