Apple Nachos.

These apple nachos are an easy, healthy, sweet treat!

How to make apple nachos

Super super easy snack right here! All you need is four ingredients. That’s it! And I’m sure you’ll have all the ingredients already on hand, or some version of them. So here we go…

1 apple
Almond butter (or peanut butter) (1 tbsp is what I used, but use however much you like!)
Cinnamon to taste
Chocolate chip morsels

How to make it:
Melt the almond butter so it’s smooth and creamy, and easy to drizzle
Chop / cut the apple however you like
Drizzle the almond butter over the chopped apples
Sprinkle the chocolate chip morsels over the chopped apples
Sprinkle the cinnamon on top to taste

And that is it! Super easy and simple! And a nice healthy sweet treat!

Enjoy! It’s soo good!

DIY Skinny Chai Latte.

Have you ever tried to make one of your favorite drinks from Starbuck’s or your favorite coffee shop? I feel like they never really taste just the same, like something is always off. After lots of searching on the internet, I finally found a good recipe for a chai latte!


  • Tazo chai latte mix
  • Milk of choice
  • Ice

The chai latte mix can be found at your local Target, or even Amazon. I picked the skinny version, but they also have the full versions which I haven’t tried before.

Put ice into the glass, and pour half of the chai latte mix into the glass. Pour the rest of the glass with the milk of your choice. And that my friends, is it! How easy is that? And it’s delicious! You can tell it’s the skinny version, which taste lighter but it’s still taste pretty close to the one I get at Starbucks. I order this with skim milk at Starbucks, so I’m used to it tasting pretty light anyways.

I’m soo glad I figured out how to make this, and how unbelievably simple it is! Now I can save some money on Starbucks drinks!

Happy October! Can’t wait to make more of these for the fall months that are finally here.

Fat Tuesday.

Happy Fat Tuesday! There is so much to this holiday that I just love, and with the lovely pandemic going on it’s a little hard to go out and celebrate it right? I had all these plans to decorate at home, have some little DIY’s to do like make masks, coloring sheets, queen for a day, etc. My husband got called in for overtime, it snowed a lot, and the kiddo had a snow day, so that threw all the cooking plans out the window. But we still sort of celebrated!

For dinner, cajun chicken and cornbread is what was on the menu. Hadley is more on the picky side so she had her own little meal. I looked up Fat Tuesday meal ideas, and here’s one I wanted to try. I had some other things in mind to make, but decided to minimize the amount of food for just myself while my husband worked.

The cajun chicken was so good! I’ll link the recipe down below, but I omitted a lot. Basically I just added the seasonings, and left out the peppers, and the cheese only because I didn’t have provolone. And I haven’t had cornbread in such a long time, it was delicious!

Attempting to make a king cake for the first time was a bit tricky. First of all, I do not own a bundt cake pan which was a little hard. So I used a regular nine inch cake pan, and put a tiny glass jar in the center. It actually worked pretty well! The recipe I made was keto friendly so it called for almond flour instead of regular flour which always makes cake like things a little different. For being only 3 carbs a slice, it wasn’t that bad! For the hidden baby, we used a mini lego man!

I secretly love this holiday, and happy to do a little something to celebrate! What are your favorite Fat Tuesday things to do?

Recipe Links: