38 weeks.

Ready when you are!

I feel like the end is officially in sight! Something about hitting full term brought on some major feelings. My energy level is increased a little bit, but that’s about it. Nothing else has really changed. Still having smoothies for breakfast, and wanting nothing but sweets and snacks after that.

The nesting phase is legit. I don’t remember it being quite intense with Hadley, but I was also working in an office setting everyday, so I wasn’t at home as many hours in the day. I’ve not really had any aches and pains too bad, other than when I do too much the belly hurts a little so I take a chill pill and rest on the couch or bed for a little while.

Last week at the weekly ultrasound, little man is growing and is looking to be larger than his sister Hadley already. That makes me a little nervous!

We are ready for you whenever you’re ready!

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