Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! Daily walks, soccer practice, movie night, and a birthday party!

Monday August 1

Hadley’s summer camp was hosting a bake sale, so we made brownies, and I dolled them up a little bit. They raised enough money for an end of the year pizza party! The cutest thing about the bake sale was they gave each kiddo money who volunteered to work the bake sale during the day. Hadley was one of them, they are just the best! Huxley received his first Reds game certificate in the mail, thanks to our fire wife friend Jasmine! Thanks girl.

Tuesday August 2

Met my friend Kristin for dinner, it was so nice to get out by myself! Even though I was semi-late (like 10 minutes), I have been horrible at remembering things even when I write them down. It was such a nice night downtown, and great to catch up with my friend. We are going to try and meet once a month! Just love her.

Wednesday August 3

Walked in the morning, and Huxley fell asleep. Love those days when he naps after a walk. He loves the outside air for sure. Got our candy and popcorn stuff all ready for movie night in the neighborhood. Walked two times this day, the second time was at Hadleys first soccer practice. It was a hot one, but she loves doing sports and getting to be back with her school friends again. Gave Huxley sweet potatoes for the first time and he liked them. We gave him cereal before this, and he wasn’t the biggest fan. I don’t blame him, that baby cereal smells awful.

Thursday August 4

Walked at the trail, I actually prefer to go to the trail because I walk faster and farther. When I walk around the neighborhood, I tend to go slower. We cleaned out the garage to get ready for movie night the next day.

Friday August 5

Hadley had her last day of summer camp! She wore her swimsuit because they go to the pool on Fridays but didn’t this day because it rained. Because of the rain, did one of those YouTube workouts. Move night was so much fun! We had so much popcorn, we used a huge bin with a scooper!

Saturday August 6

Huxley woke up super early, like 6:30am! So, we laid in bed, and he eventually fell back asleep, and so did I! Worked out in Hadleys room, because Huxley was super content on her bed. Did another YouTube workout.

Sunday August 7

When Huxley wakes up in the mornings, sometimes we just sit, and chill and he looks out his window. Worked out at home again,. Went to my nephew’s birthday party, Hadley had fun with her cousin and all the kids that were there. After the birthday party, we headed to the pool. It’s so nice to go there for dinner, or after dinner, the water feels amazing!

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week!

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