Neighborhood outdoor movie night.

We hosted our first neighborhood movie night last weekend! We figured summer is coming to an end, and it’s a fun way to celebrate the ending of summer.

We are kind of new to the neighborhood, well sort of, like almost four years now. We know most of the neighbors on our street, but there are a few on the private drives we don’t know.

I started the planning by making invitations, and if you don’t already know I love a good paper invite. I will always love paper invites! We all walked around the neighborhood one night and passed the invites out by hand. For those that weren’t home, we taped the invite to the door. The invite down below is what I designed and for the blog I blocked out our address / contact info for privacy reasons.

We figured Cheaper by the Dozen was a good family friendly movie to start out with, to see how it goes!

As mentioned in the invite above, we provided all the snacks! We just asked everyone to bring their own drinks and chairs, etc.

We went to our local movie theater and bought the good yummy buttery movie popcorn! I did not know you could do this until I called one day and randomly asked. They sell them to go! It was the best idea and tasted so good!

Next to the popcorn was a mini popcorn bar. I had metal tins filled with M&M’s, reeses pieces, gummy bears, and roasted peanuts. Also, had popcorn seasoning! They all loved the different flavors of seasoning to pick from, I think the favorite was garlic parmesan and white cheddar.

On the other table was the all the candy, and cracker jacks. Not pictured on the two-tiered tray was cupcakes, we had them in the fridge until the last minute and I forgot to take a picture once we brought them out. The cupcake wrappers matched the tablecloths!

Kevin and Huxley chilling in the garage! Our garage had never been so clean, I made a note to myself to start cleaning out the garage once a month. Mainly because during the cleaning process, Kevin spilled bleach on the floor and after that it looked super clean! haha

We had a box fan set up for some air flow, and bug spray in case anyone gets eaten alive like I do! However, I will say, Kevin sprayed the bug stuff in the yard the day before and it worked great. No one got any bug bites!

It was so much fun, and I’m glad the neighbors enjoyed it! Hadley enjoyed herself, even though she was the only kiddo. One set of kids were on vacation, and the other set of kids had plans. We had two of the smaller kids come, but they didn’t last long because they were ages two and four. I’m glad they hung out for a little bit.

Hadley is always such a trooper whatever she does. She started out on her blanket on the side of the yard, and then moved over closer to all of us. Huxley was semi-good for it, he ate right as the movie started, and then woke up two hours later. I missed like half of it, but it was still a great night!

One fun way to celebrate the ending of summer is a neighborhood movie night. Everyone can’t wait for the next one! It was so nice to watch a movie under the stars. It was a great night!

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